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Vistas in Astronomy: Volume 15

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Vistas in Astronomy is a periodical compilation of different studies submitted by experts in the fields of astronomy, astrophysics, photometry, celestial mechanics, and nuclear cosmology. The papers are published after thorough evaluation by the editors.
The following volume includes papers about papers in astronomy such as:
• Astronomy, the People, and the Governments by Jean Claude-Pecker and Gisele Ringeard
• Computer Simulations of Star Cluster Dynamics by Sveere J. Arseth
• Velocity Fields in Stellar Atmospheres and the Concept of Microturbulence by Gordon Worrall and Alistair B. Wilson
• Image Tubes in Astronomy by J.D. McGee
• High Speed Photometry by R. Edward Nather
The text chiefly appeals to astronomers and astrophysicists, especially those who wish to know the innovations, discoveries, and practices in the field of astronomy.

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