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Best Books Study Work Guide: Poems From All Over Gr 11 HL

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How well do you know the poems in your prescribed poetry anthology? Do you understand the contents and structure of each poem? Are you ready to write your exams? This study work guide has been compiled to help learners understand and grasp each poem in Poems From All Over, the prescribed poetry anthology for Grade 11 English Home Language. This study work guide has been compiled to the requirements of the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) and all important aspects relating to each poem have been covered – in accessible language.

Remember! This guide cannot be used on its own as it refers to the poems in the prescribed
text throughout.

What makes our study work guides different?
This study work guide forms part of a series. As the name suggests, this is not only a guide in which the poems are discussed, but also a workbook. Learners can write the answers to the contextual questions in a separate book. This provides revision for exams and tests and keeps valuable notes from going astray.

The contents of this study work guide
• An in-depth discussion and application of the structure (title, stanzas and verses) of each poem.
• Explanations and analysis notes.
• Notes on the content and context of each poem.
• Contextual questions (with space for learners’ answers).
• Complete word explanations within the analysis of each poem.
• Four formal assessment questions on seen poems and one formal assessment question on an unseen poem.

All study work guides in this series have been compiled according to CAPS requirements. This study work guide supplements the prescribed text Poems From All Over for Grade 11 English Home Language.

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