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The Secret of Metaphysical Science

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The Secret of Metaphysical Science is a complete handbook on Metaphysics. It tells you that Metaphysics is all there is and dealing with it is as simple as doing any of your everyday affairs. It describes the universal matter in common language providing comprehensive information on many techniques to apply at once, just at this moment, for your immediate benefit. It highlights significant key-points, steps to undertake, and what you find on your way in, towards your center of being.
The teaching goes as deep as never before in this field, eventually reaching the ultimate experience and understanding. Metaphysical Science is the practical instrument of Metaphysics. It helps you re-discovering consciousness as the life-giver and the open secret to unlock the doors of your inner and outer reality. It reminds you how your life is an inside-out affair, and everything happens first within you. That’s why it's easy to transform it and manifest it the way you deserve and desire it.
Linking together those of us already involved in the science, with those investigating their inner reality, and those sensing there’s something more to explore, it acts as a stepping stone in personal evolution. The book is designed to align the reader with the vertical dimension of being and has specific gaps in its basic structure, to insert one’s own destiny personal evolution dynamics.
The Secret of Metaphysical Science is a herald of the new humanity ready to move up to the next level of consciousness, the one of absolute subjectivity.

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