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"Good News!" The Gospel of Jesus Christ...From Genesis to Revelation

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"Good News!" is an investigation into the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This journey begins in the book of Genesis and ends in the book of Revelation. Many people have heard of the "Gospel", but so many really don't understand what it is all about. This book will address the questions: What is sin? What is death? What happens when a person dies? Why did Jesus have to come? Why did Jesus have to die? What is all this talk about "the blood"? Can a person really be forgiven of their sins and change? What does it mean to "believe" in, and "receive" Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord? The reader will find that and discover that believing in the Gospel goes much deeper than just saying - "Ask Jesus into your heart." The Gospel is a call to a radical transformation that will change your life for all eternity!

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