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The Nations of Peace



Life was perfect for young Erin Ville.
Her days were busy with normal teenager things, school work, friends and family and rescuing wolf dragons, to her mother's greatest concern. And her nights were filled with the romantic dreams of a young woman in love. Until her sixteenth birthday when those dreams became so much more than the wishes of her heart.

Premonitions of war. Prophecies of the future.
In the middle of it all a young woman too fragile to save the Nations of Peace, and yet they didn't stand a chance of survival without her. When her true nature was revealed, Erin knew she had been born to fulfill her last transformation as a human being. But she couldn't do it on her own.

Who was she really? And where did Adrian fit into all of this?
Would Adrian be the man she needed, or was she destined to wait for him forever?

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