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Prophase: A Present Tale

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Piper Walker, a high school senior, is unknowingly standing on the precipice of a monumental transformation in her life. She has always been offbeat, relating to nature and animals more than people. She grew up fast after her mom died from cancer at a young age, weeks after her brother was born. With a wrecked home life and a baby brother to raise, Piper is adopted by friends, a kind elderly neighbor named Esther and her cat Jazz, as her family and a nearby forest as her solace. A near-death experience causes an awakening inside her, prematurely opening her eyes to her destiny. A world of magic and light she never dreamt of lay hidden in the shadows of what she thought was real. However, trouble brews in paradise. A long-standing tyrannical rule has suppressed and strangled the world she is now part of. Somehow, she plays a crucial role in freeing the captive races of this ancient realm. Amongst the unspeakable beauty, the unknown danger, and the desire to find out who she really is, Piper discovers an unexplainable, first-time love that becomes the only thing that she can cling to in her stormy life.

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