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Jews: (stuff you always wanted to know but didn't know who to ask)

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What do you want to know about Jews?

Are you Jewish, but curious about the rest of your people in different groups around America?

Or maybe you aren't Jewish, but you simply want to know what it's like to be Jewish?

Maybe you just want to know the truth behind the stereotypes.

And, Jewish or not, do you want to know whether the Jewish tidbit you read in a novel or saw in a movie is true?

Are you writing a screenplay or novel that includes a Jewish character and you want to know whether you can maintain authenticity while moving away from the same old tired stereotypes?

This short little book can answer these questions and more!

Chapter 1: Some Basic Information

Chapter 2: Different Groups of Jews – A Brief History

Chapter 3: Jews by the Numbers

Chapter 4: Slices of Jewish Life

Chapter 5: Stereotype Busters

Chapter 6: Jews and Non-Jews

Chapter 7: Orthodox Jews

Discover the biggest misconception about Orthodox Jews, Jewish attitudes toward themselves and others, anti-Jewish bigotry, the differences between different Jewish groups and their social histories, some basics of Hebrew pronunciation, and much more.

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