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The Face Behind the Veil

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The Face Behind the Veil

Length: 628 pages9 hours


Unfolding in old New York, The Face Behind The Veil contains three overlapping sections: Naomi's Story, Rebecca's Story and Enter Teresa.Like curtains in a majestic, old movie theater, the curtains of this generational saga begin to part as Naomi is born with the mysterious birth veil over her face. To some this was a sign of a prophet. To others it was merely part of the amniotic sac. And what connection was there with the otherworldly visitor that the child would later meet?Naomi's mother believed her daughter would understand great mysteries. Indeed--and she would do so against the backdrop of unfolding history. The Great Depression would bring poverty, hobos and even the Grim Reaper to her family's door. World War II would see love lost and love found.Naomi's daughter, Rebecca, inherits not only her mother's physical DNA, but her spiritual DNA as well. Her penetrating green eyes seem to look through walls and into hearts. She names her daughter Teresa, after the ancient mystic, Saint Teresa of Avila. Like her namesake, Teresa walks a beautiful but treacherous path.This brings the story to modern times and a Victorian mansion where past meets present, good confronts evil and the mystery of the veil is revealed.
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