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Almost Paradise

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WARNING! This story contains lots and lots of Gay Sex. If Gay Sex is too much for you, DO NOT read. Otherwise, enjoy!

Can the love between a free man and a slave survive the cruelties of their world?

Synd Island is an extraordinary, seemingly idyllic place. Resources are bountiful, and a number of people can be seen wearing nothing but a piece of cloth on, or even stark naked everywhere.

When Guy Tenant accepts his appointment as Admin Manager and gets shipped to the island's office branch, he makes the grave mistake of setting out to explore the island...

… where he finds out the hard way why so many people are walking around scantily clad or naked. He is tricked into being a slave.

In the midst of his great suffering, he finds his little piece of paradise in Javier, a deputy in the company Guy is still working for, now as a slave.

Love is the only consolation for Guy's unfair trial, but will it save him from the brutality of his situation? And can it even survive their opposing status?

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