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This is paradise, there aren't any undesirable areas here.

Fresh from school, Steve goes to the Caribbean Islands seeking a good life of beautiful beaches and sunshine.

He never thinks there could be something wrong in the Caribbean, until one day when his friend, Colin, asks him a favor to send a package to one of his business associates living in one of the parts of the island that Steve isn’t too familiar with.

Steve has heard about tourists getting lost when driving into a no-go area and ending up being robbed or worse. Unfortunately, Steve doesn’t have the foresight to follow the instructions to the letter.

He is careless and challenges the danger zones of the island. And now he’s just one of the tourists who find themselves lost. Worse, he’s being followed by 5 armed Afro-American men.

And now he knows he is in big, big trouble! A nightmare far beyond his imagination will come to life. He’s now trapped in a place he once thought was paradise, but is actually really the “HELL on Earth”...

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