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Greek Romance

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Sebastian is in a dreamy state of mind. He really is inside his dream, or so he thought.

There are two beautiful Greek youths welcoming him and preparing his body for their master. They bathe him and shave him clean. He looks into the mirror and is astonished for he saw how beautiful he is now.

He then meets the master and is being offered sexually. With this beautiful godly master, Sebastian had the greatest orgasm of his life. Then, he wakes up.

It was all just a dream! But as he looks at himself in the mirror, something’s different... He’s shaved! He looks exactly the way he saw himself in the mirror in his dream. How could it be?

He keeps himself calm, hoping to find some explanation. But as he takes his History class that day with his secretly admired teacher, Tom, he gets even more confused. Teacher Tom is wearing a breech cloth like the Greeks and similar to that in his dream!

Something weird is going on and Sebastian can’t wait to figure it out...

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