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Chasing Heaven

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“No religion condoned homosexuality but no civilised religion would allow boys to die because they were homosexual.”

Todd Richards is a swimming prodigy for the school’s swimming varsity team. On one swimming practice, Todd meets Jacob Goldman, another athlete for the varsity. Jacob has gorgeous features and physique which makes Todd fall madly in love and in LUST with him.

From what seems to be episodes of temptation and lust, it reveals that Jacob, now nicknamed “Jake”, also has a thing for Todd. Both boys agree to be together in the name of love and life seems to be good for them.

All is well and good until Jacob’s father, being of jewish descent, resents the love his son has with Todd. Now that with the Synagogues are after them, the two takes a run for their lives and for their love.

What started out to be a simple and wonderful interracial love turns into a game with the cops and robbers!

This Story is also known as “Sixth Form Sex”

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