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The Occasion Mists

Length: series


A man from history returns to try to save his country from the modern day corruption. With no real plan, he sets off to try to find a plan and inadvertently becomes the leader of a movement that will rise to challenge the establishment.
He will lay the foundation for an audacious and almost unconceivable plan to finally get his country the freedom from the corruption it deserves. It is a long plan, a secret plan, and one that will only be revealed at the final moment.
Captain Walters of the H.M.S. Tinkerbell will be caught up in this plan, having no idea that the missions that he is about to undertake are going to change the way of the world forever. Moving beyond conventional weapons, Captain Walters will have new technology under his control. He may not understand how they work but he is going to make them work for his country.

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