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Vistas in Astronomy: Volume 10

Length: 176 pages7 hours


Vistas in Astronomy, Volume 10 covers topics related to philosophy, dynamics, astrometry, astro-archeology, correlations, astrophysics, history, instrumentation, and cosmogony.
The volume discusses some fundamental problems arising from the paper “Is Religion Refuted by Physics or Astronomy? with focus on thermodynamics, statistical mechanics and the universe. The criteria that will take account of previous criticisms and results in astro-archeology that may be assessed in terms of the said criteria; the planetary theory of Copernicus; and a comparison of Romer's Triduum observations and Flamsteed's observations are also explained. The volume describes an application of the four-body problem in the general behavior of the synchronous orbit in the presence of the Moon and the Sun. An analysis of linear correlation in astronomy; the design and construction of astronomical telescopes; and advances in the knowledge of the nature of open clusters resulting mainly through accurate photometry of stars in cluster fields are also discussed. The book also considers the polarization of the continuous radiation in the optical (and particularly visual) spectral region as well as the planetary cosmogonical ideas and theories.
People involved in astronomy and philosophy will find the volume invaluable.

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