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Laminine YTE

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The Ultimate Gift to Health
Laminine YTE (Young Tissue Extract) was first discovered by a Canadian doctor in 1929 and used on cancer patients until he died, just before his findings could be properly recognised. Forgotten about for nearly 50 years, a Norwegian egg expert, Dr Bjodne Eskelund, then developed and perfected a process for freeze drying a partially incubated fertilized avian egg embryo to produce an extract, which has resulted in spectacular effects on athletic performance, libido, reducing muscle fatigue and depression, and giving a heightened sense of well-being.

Dr Christopher Hertzog is a well known International Health Researcher, and author of such books as ‘Live Younger, Live Longer’; and books on such topics as Beta Glucan and Nicotinamide Riboside (NR), amongst others. He has sponsored various health conferences in the U.S. and is currently involved in the construction of a new medical Health Centre and Clinic at Khaoyai, in Northern central Thailand.

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