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Finally a book, India and the world, has been looking forward to, from the pen of Bejan Daruwalla, one of the greatest astrologers and psychics of our times. Special features of this book are: sun-signs in depth, numerology for everyone of you, a terrific piece blending Chinese and Western astrology, something about the history, lore and use of gems, and an article on gifts for all the 12 signs. Here, in short, is God’s plenty.

Daruwalla is a strong devotee of Lord Ganesha (the elephant-headed God who is known to remove obstacles and sorrows.) Amongst his predictions, the noteworthy ones were the release of Nelson Mandela and the fall of Margaret Thatcher which appeared in the magazine “Eve’s Weekly”, January 20, 1990.

Widely travelled, Bejan Daruwalla was invited by three Radio Stations and WBN’s channel 10, Columbus, Ohio for his talks. He was also interviewed in the American Dailies during his stay there. Another distinction, he was invited by the prestigious Edgar Cayce Foundation, Virginia Beach for a series of lectures and needless to mention that the Indian newspapers and T.V. stations in Washington did him proud - and the Indians certainly know their astrologers! A unique honour for Bejan Daruwalla where America is his home away from home. The star astrologer is already on another book.
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(March 21 to April 20)

So great is His Majesty, yet

Man, the Person, is still greater:

All beings are a part of Him

Three parts are immortal in Heaven.

You take possession, Divine Fire,

Of all that the devoted being,

On the altar you are kindled.

Bring us the priceless treasure.

Conqueror of deities, young seer,

Born with unlimited power,

The spirit sustains every act,

And is acclaimed for His thunder.


The sign of the Pioneer, the Explorer

Governs the head

Traits —enterprising, inclusive, spontaneous, impatient, impetuous, pioneering, violent, sexy, turbulent, torrid, active

Planetary ruler — Mars

Violence and sex drive the Arian character. With Mars, the war lord, as your planetary ruler, you can look forward to a life of high adventure and excitement. Yes you have push, pep and go.

Aries is enthusiastic, exuberant, extrovert. Aries likes to be his own master. Aries is therefore, independent, fearless, self-reliant. Aries brooks no rivals.

Aries likes, actually thrives, on competition—the harder the better. Aries can give and receive hard knocks. Aries fights hard, straight, flat, openly.

Aries is also called the ego-centre of the Zodiac, in other words Aries has a king-sized ego. Aries is sure that he is the undisputed monarch of all he surveys. Aries has the energy and the stamina to go ahead, when all others are out for the count.

With Aries things are never done half-and-half. Aries goes all out to achieve his purpose and aim; there’s no stopping him. Yes, Aries is out and out a fighter.

It is my personal observation and experience that Aries finds his place in the sun. Aries likes to bask in it. Aries, in other words, is mighty sure of his power, glory, splendour. Aries is, in a way, justified in feeling the way he does. The reason is that Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, commonly believed to be one of the most powerful and fundamental of all the signs.

With Aries, you are sure of tremendous fireworks. Aries may have his limitations and they are mainly that of pride and egotism — but it must be admitted that the Arian gets things done. If you have to start a new enterprise, get going with a new venture, I would like to pick on an Arian.

According to the Kabala, Aries has great vitality but not maturity. Aries can be rather rash. And, therefore, you do not get the gains and the rewards which are your rightfully due. Aries has courage and loyalty. What Aries lacks is tact and diplomacy. Aries is blunt, outspoken and, I am afraid, does not care much for the feelings and sentiments of others. It is not that Aries likes to hurt wilfully. It is just that Aries blurts out whatever comes in his mind. In the process, Aries hurts others badly. Most of the Arians bear no resentment and malice.

You, children of the planet Mars, can be generous and big- hearted. But the impulse must possess you. Sex means much to you. Your approach to it is direct and violent. This is not a sign of refinement and finesse.

Normally Aries hates weakness and adores strength. Aries is uncomplicated. Very forceful and combative, the Arian pushes his way to the front. The emotions are very strong and dominate him completely. He is a creature of the moment. While the heat is on, Aries can be both fierce and loyal. But later on his eye roves to pastures new and green. The sense of humour is robust. There’s no subtlety in it.

Aries should develop self-control. The great lesson he or she has to learn is self-mastery. This may be difficult but it is well worthwhile since it leads to controlled power and great personal magnetism. Aries is both dynamic and magnetic.

Your Positive Qualities: Enterprising, incisive, spontaneous, courageous, energetic, active, daring.

Your Negative Qualities: Impatient, impetuous, selfish, jealous, vain, proud, egoistic, coarse, brutal, possessive, violent.


By this time you do know quite a bit about yourself. However, you can never know enough. To enable you to probe deeper into yourself we will see what the decans have to say about you.

Just for your information and curiosity, 30 degrees make a sign. Every sign can be further divided into three parts or decans, comprising each of 10 degrees. Therefore, while all those born between March 21 and April 20 are Arians, yet, the traits will vary.

If you were born between March 21 and March 31, you come under the first decan, whose planetary ruler is Mars. This is a rather explosive decan. An overplus of energy could lead to quarrels, fights, clashes. You are advised to control your tongue and temper. Sudden illnesses are more likely to hit you when you are from 42 to 56 years old. In Indian astrology, the year of Mars is the 28th year of a person. Therefore your 28th year should be noteworthy.

If you were born between April 1 and April 10, you come under the second decan, whose planetary ruler is the Sun. This is a fortunate decan to be born under. It gives you both constructive and creative abilities. You are ambitious, kind-hearted, idealistic. You can be a leader of men.

If you were born between April 11 and April 20, you come under the third decan, whose ruler is Jupiter. Persons born under this decan are intuitive and generous. They like company, revere learning and knowledge. They like to have the good things of life and are willing to pay for it. They do well in any position of trust and responsibility.


Traditional astrologies associate Aries with metals and fire. I have found this to be true — so far as it goes. But the range is far more wide; engineering, mechanical work, surgery, art work on metals, armaments, war materials, all come directly under your sign.

Aries is also, as stated before, the sign of the pioneer, the astrologer, the soldier. Therefore, Aries shines in the defence services. The Arian makes a fine pilot, army man and soldier. It gives him a chance to go through rigid discipline. This is always good for the Arian and brings out the best in him.

Personally, I believe that the outdoor life is suited to your temperament. Arians are excellent professional sportsmen and animal-trainers and hunters. If an Arian is in business, he should go for sales promotion and manufacture. An independent status is ideal. Aries can spark off activities in all directions, whatever be the nature of the work. It is upto the others to complete it or round it off.

The Arian thrives in a noisy, crowded atmosphere where there is plenty going on. A busy machine-shop, a factory floor or some form of industry will be environments in which the Arian will be extremely happy. Many Arians become ardent trade unionists.

Arians are mechanically minded, and could specialize as motor mechanics, or generally in doing the kind of work that calls for someone who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. The Arian’s pioneering spirit may lead him to join the army; and if he can accept the discipline, he will find much in army life to suit him. The thrills of driving a tank, of target practice, of combat generally — these are in essence very Arian.

If an Arian has a scientific bent, which is quite likely, he or she well best express it in some form of research; it is good for an Arian to break new ground in one way or another. The pioneering spirit makes them explorers. The urge to explore can be turned inwards, and psychology and psychiatry are both Arian professions.


ARIES TO ARIES: Exciting relationship. Both are sensual, combative and forceful. Sparks will fly. Not a permanent relationship, as both will try to pull down each other.

ARIES TO TAURUS: Complex relationship. Ego and money problems. Both could be headstrong. Aries likes to lead but Taurus does not like to follow.

ARIES TO GEMINI: Excellent relationship, specially with an Aries man, a Gemini woman. Both could make each other feel great and wanted. Gemini feels secure with Aries.

ARIES TO CANCER: Either you two will get on famously or will break away immediately and finally. Professionally and for business matters, the alliance may work.

ARIES TO LEO: Stimulating relationship. Both are egotistic and proud. But Leo is more mature and magnanimous. Physically, they are ideally mated.

ARIES TO VIRGO: Unpleasant relationship. Virgo is too methodical, practical and patient for Aries to be at ease. Aries is too demanding for Virgo. Virgo is too much of a perfectionist to please Aries.

ARIES TO LIBRA: Personally, I do not believe they can really get along. The fault lies chiefly with Aries. At best there could be a great attraction on the physical level.

ARIES TO SCORPIO: Except for ego-clashes, and they will be head-on, it is an interesting relationship. Either they make it in a big way or burst wide open.

ARIES TO SAGITTARIUS: Ideal relationship. Both are free, frank, fearless. Both could be pretty wild and free in their love making.

ARIES TO CAPRICORN: Explosive. Both are tactless, callous, ambitious, restless, brutal, selfish. Perhaps, an Aries woman and a Capricorn man have a better chance of hitting it off.

ARIES TO AQUARIUS: This is a particularly freewheeling relationship. Aquarius acknowledges nothing on a permanent basis. Aries is selfish. Both can get their fill of fun.

ARIES TO PISCES: Not a balanced relationship. Pisces could be hurt easily and badly by overbearing Aries. Egotistical Aries will be in no mood to be understood by hypersensitive, moody, kindly Pisces.


Your relationship with people and loved ones are likely to be stormy and torrid. You may temporarily sweep your sweetheart/beloved off the feet. Your personality is dominating, magnetic, extremely vibrant. But the charm and the spell soon rubs off.

Without sex and loveplay, romance to you has no meaning. You believe in the meeting of the bodies rather than of the minds. You can be glamorous and charming when the occasion demands and justifies it. But your innate coarseness might revolt a sensitive soul. As against it, you are manly and dashing. This does attract a certain type of woman.


Your friendship must be warm and on the level. Let me put it this way. You are a fine friend and a formidable foe. With Aries, as explained before, things are never done by halves. Aries expects total devotion and sincerity in friendship. In turn, he/she extends a loving and strong hand.


If there is a father in the world who will choose an elaborate model train set for his small son at Christmas and then not let the poor child near it, it is Aries! He is particularly delighted when his child is old enough to take to ball games or able to join in his father’s interests. He will, though, find it puzzling if one of his children turns out to be a shy, quiet type who hates sports and wants to sit at home reading.

The Arian father may find it hard to accept that his son may want to read poetry; but he must try to do so. He could harm the child by insisting on dragging him to the sports stadium; and this could harm their relationship, too. Much wiser if Aries takes an interest in the child’s own choice of pastime — he might find it more attractive than what it first seemed.


The Arian mother has a strong personality and will fight tooth and nail for her children’s rights. If one of her children has been treated unjustly at school, she will waste no time rushing to the teachers. The Arian mother is a natural boy’s mother; she won’t mind boys running all over the house with dirty shoes on. Towards a daughter too, she will act in much the same way.

The Arian mother is naturally ambitious for her children. She will fix up extra skating lessons, for example, so that when the time comes her child is well placed to win glory for the family. In other words, she will say: ‘My girl will win the first place and my boy will be on top of his class.’ This is fine, but like the Arian father she must learn to develop a tactful approach. It is important that she does not frighten her children into making a great effort in subjects which only interest her, and not them.


YOUR PHYSICAL STRUCTURE: The body is muscular and strong. Generally, Aries is the hairy type. The hair is crisp or wavy.

The teeth are large and strong, the facial expression severe, the voice and manner of speaking loud and brash. The movements are rapid but not graceful and flowing. I have noticed that many times Aries struts about with the chest out. This gives the popular impression of being the cock of the walk. The mouth is generally wide, the cheek bones high and the nose aquiline. Aries is a large bone type.

YOUR HEALTH: Generally, Aries is high strung. The constitution is strong. But the endurance is short, because of the simple reason that Aries lives at high speed and drives himself/herself hard and long. As Aries governs the head, you are subject to severe headaches, insomnia, or accidents to this part of the body. Too much of pressure sometimes results in stomach ailments and kidney diorders. Your cell salt is potassium phosphate, the builder of brain cells.

YOUR BEAUTYSCOPE: It won’t pay to hide your light under a bushel by playing it coy, modest, look-but-touch-me-not type. Better put on royal purple or red with shoes to match and step out in style. For an Arian, any sort of headgear would be eye-catching.

Normally, a typical Arian’s movements are rapid but not graceful and flowing. Perhaps dancing could help here. As you are a large boned type and rather hairy, a bit of covering up will certainly help.

Since diet and beauty are bed-fellows these days, the food favoured for an Arian is lettuce, walnuts, apples, radishes, beans, fish more than meat, spinach, onions, cabbage. Besides red, a mix of red and white will show you off to supreme advantage! Lucky herbs and flowers are geranium, honeysuckle, peppermint, crowfoot, mustard.

YOUR FOOD: The food favoured for the Arian is lettuce, walnuts, potatoes, spinach, onion, cucumber, lentils, apples, radishes, lime, beans and cabbage. All brain foods, especially fish, are a must. Do note it, Aries.

YOUR HABITS: Arians are great ones for both good and bad habits. They get into a groove very easily, and once they do, they hardly ever come out of it. Therefore, just in case you have an Arian child, give him good habits of work and play. They will be with him for a life time.


YOUR LUCK: Aries is reckless and therefore loves to take a chance. Aries has the spring and the elasticity to bounce back when luck is against him. Aries does not buckle under pressure.

Sporting events and games of chance are the best media of gambling for Aries. Aries is willing to chance it, if the gains and the profits are high. Aries therefore has many violent fluctuations of fortune. But, by and large, it does not affect him very much. However, it is common sense that you should stop gambling when the odds are heavy and you are played for a sucker. Many times Aries is too stubborn to realise it.


YOUR LUCKY NUMBERS: 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72 and the number 9 series.

YOUR LUCKY COLOURS: Scarlet, red, also a combination of red and white colours.

YOUR LUCKY GEMS: Diamond and ruby.

YOUR LUCKY TALISMAN: The metal iron should be worn next to the skin (example, an iron key)



(April 21 to May 21)

O fair one, banish the enemy with light!

And prepare for us broad pastures free from fear!

Ward off hatred, bring us your priceless treasure!

O Bountiful, shower blessings on the singer!

Illumine us with your glorious splendour,

O divine Dawn! Enrich and lengthen our lives,

O Goddess full of grace! Grant us fulfillment.

And cows, horses, and chariots in abundance!

I’m a singer, father’s a doctor,

Mother grinds flour with a millstone,

Our thoughts all turn upon profit

And cowlike we all plod along.

For the sake of Spirit, O Mind,

Let go of all these wandering thoughts!


The sign of the Builder, the Producer

Governs the neck

Traits — practical, kind-hearted, pragmatic, self-indulgent, artistic, materialistic, trustworthy, careful, patient, stubborn

Planetary ruler — Venus

Materialism and artistic tendencies wage a right royal battle in you. The trouble is both come out on top at odd moments. So, while some call you money-mad, others class you as arty. The truth is that Venus, your planetary ruler, makes you fond of the good things of life (including food) and Taurus, your earthy sign, gives you a sense of material values, reliability.

Personally, I believe that this is the sign of the builder, the producer, be it a building, a painting, a granary, a huge supermarket, a department store. In other words, the innate urge is to produce, and that too on a large scale.

Taureans, like Capricornians, work best in large corporations, say banks, syndicates, where they have to handle both money and people. I take it as a sign of worldly success, prosperity.

Venus gives your nature sensuality. This should not be taken in the extreme sense of mere physical pleasure and thrill at the touch of the human body. Yes, the sex-drive is tremendous and coarse. But Taureans essentially love comforts and the things that money can buy, say a good home. Nothing wrong in that, if you ask me.

Taureans, like Cancerians, are real gourmets. Also, excellent hosts/hostesses. They lay a good table, wallop food, expect their friends to compete with them. It makes them happy, though it could ruin the digestion of others.

I’ve also noticed that they are good in chemistry; in fact, most of them, whatever their occupation and line of work, somehow or the other have much to do with it. This invariably brings rich gains.

Much has been made of the famous Taurean temper, slow but deadly when really aroused. But this outburst of temper and rage is short-lived. It is just a way of letting off steam. Yes. Taureans can literally roar!

This is the bustling, busy type. Without work, active work, it is uncomfortable, moody. The sense of colours is highly developed. So, just in case you have a house, and want a friend to make it comfortable as well as beautiful, I’d say let a Taurean do it for