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Happy Without Him: The Secret Joy of Single

Length: 298 pages4 hours


Do all women end up with a man? No. So why does women’s fiction always seek a paired-off ending – a cure for single, like it’s some kind of disease?

Happy Without Him is about, well, being happy without a him. It’s the funny but bumpy journey of four female friends dealing with the challenges of life.

The girls are based in Sydney and attend a monthly book club. Josie tries everything to make her relationship work— a relationship with a good looking bully she clings to in her fear of the Sydney ‘man drought’. Burnt by a bad marriage, Kelly wasn’t looking, but finds lovely Nick. Ella is just exhausted by motherhood, but rediscovers how great her life and husband are as they embark on their own unique adventure.

Jen is desperate to find a boyfriend. She tries it all: speed dating, internet dating, a posh dating agency. In the end she wakes up to the fact that her life might be better without all these crappy blokes she keeps finding.

There are good men out there. But when Jen stops living her life searching for one, her real life begins—a life discovering the secret joy of being single.

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