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The Centered Life: A Spritual Life Coaching Journey

Length: 149 pages4 hours


The Centered Life is an expert, in-depth guide to Spiritual Life Coaching. Within the pages, Esther Jones-Alley explores what is involved in the Spiritual Life Coaching process in a simple, clear-cut way, and explains everything that is needed for a successful coach/client relationship. Using a unique method incorporating her own life experiences and “Estherisms”, The Centered Life shows how your life can be improved with a little self-exploration and guidance from God.

Everyone faces moments in life when their path forward appears to be blocked, either by circumstance or long-standing issues which have not yet been resolved. When these challenges appear, it can seem impossible to find a way through to reach a healthy, balanced solution. This is where Spiritual Life Coaching can help. While the process might appear daunting, Esther Alley-Jones explains the truth about what it takes to embark on this journey with an easy to follow, step-by-step guide.

From beginning to end, this book will encourage the reader to look deep inside their hearts and minds, to challenge their past beliefs, and learn how to center themselves in order to hear the spiritual messages God is sending so they can re-align themselves with His plan.

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