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Graveless Here in Traceless Dust

Length: 462 pages7 hours


Cultures clash when New Yorker Charlie Rossi moves to Malta, Mississippi. Malta is at the heart of a region immersed in Civil War history. High paying jobs are hard to come by in Malta. Too many of its citizens have strong links to a war fading from much of America’s collective memory. In fact many of its citizens are a little too linked to the many battles and events which took place in and around Malta. As the town’s brand new economic development director, Charlie is assigned to close the deal and bring a new factory to town. His arrival in Malta is apparently welcomed by some. Are others committed to sabotaging his efforts? A New Yorker intruding into local Civil War history and local culture certainly has its complications. Economic development means change and change is not what some citizens of Malta want. Local preservationists have their own ideas about developing or not developing Malta. The First Church of the Chosen and Saved is a growing force in the region. Will Reverend Cain Curd and his growing religious empire clash with Charlie? The new genetic engineering plant throws a double helix wrinkle into the stew of down home Mississippi politics and economic development. What kind of impact is its research having on the people and their way of life in and around Malta? Is the local newspaper reporter friend or foe? Are her good looks a deceptive distraction for Charlie? What about all of Charlie’s co-workers at City Hall? Murders, mass graves, religious revivals, entrenched politicians, romance, heritage, history, and old fashion southern charm churn together for a different look at a different kind of War Between the States. Will common sense for Charlie translate into common practice for the citizens of Malta. Graveless Here in Traceless Dust delves deep into small town Southern life where things are not always as they seem.

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