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Zero 'g'

Length: 115 pages1 hour


It is the year 2074. Amazing advances in technology have allowed the human race to boast achievements far beyond any previously imagined—but all while ignoring the distress of their overtaxed planet.

Finally, one fateful day, the Earth can’t take any more. One hemisphere suffers from continually melting ice, while the other is crushed by a heavy molten iron volcano scientists believe is erupting from the globe’s core. The natural balance we take for granted is thrown off, and the Earth loses gravity.

Unthinkable horrors follow. Death, destruction, and chaos abound. Cars are floating, airplanes are crashing, and the atmosphere itself is vaporizing into nothing.

Carley, a single mom working at NASA as a janitor, stumbles upon Henry and Linus, two brilliant teenage science prodigies. Together, they hatch a plan to save the planet and stop the destruction.

Will the unlikely trio bring gravity back to Earth, or will all be lost forever?

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