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An insightful, candid conversation about the female orgasm and how to identify markers that can make it more improved. Let’s be honest, the more you nurture your partner's orgasm the better your relationship will be. As long as a man is erect, he capable and more than ready. A woman requires more stimulation, or a greater ability to push away her sphere of influence so she can be willing to try as often as a man, and succeed.

What is the sphere of influence? It’s what a woman carries around with her everyday. No, it’s not something you’ll find in her purse. It’s what’s in her head. You know what I mean, the work report she has due in a few days, what to make for supper, yesterday’s dishes still in the sink, Jr.’s homework, laundry, and a whole host of other things on her mind. For a man, most of this stuff is in the back of his mind or he can push it away on a moment’s notice when hunting his next orgasm. This book seeks to address these issues when trying to identify the best way to enhance her orgasm while pushing away her sphere of influence.

If you are 18 this book will mean almost nothing. A young man and woman can orgasm with an arrow in their backs. The orgasm of youth is amazing. That’s not to say that this information will not be relevant to anyone at this age. It’s just less important for them right now. Over time things change and foreplay becomes ever more crucial as father time presses his trade upon us all. Identifying what can slow things down for a woman and introduce different techniques can turn the bedroom from a place of frustration to a place where her new glow will emanate for years.

In this book I talk about my experiences in the world of sex to better illustrate real life events. I chose this route as opposed to quoting medical journals or pharmaceutical trials for drugs as an enhancement tool. Sharing my experience allows me to ponder on interesting topics which provides unique insights which will cast a new light on the world you thought you knew about sex with your partner.

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The Art of Nipple Turning - Bartemius Cassangway

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This might be the most unusual book I’ve ever written. I’ve told many a sex story, even have two published, but never have I thought about writing one related to education.

My name is Bartemius Cassangway and I want to educate men, and some women, on how to grant better organisms to the fairer sex. I find it’s important to consider how to improve a woman’s climax because, I don’t know about you, letting your partner climax first is just as arousing as porn after not being touched for a year, or for those sailors out there, finally having shore leave after being in a submarine with a whole bunch of sweaty men (Unless you’re into that.)

For starters, I would like to lay out my focus group. Since all of us have nipples, and some of what I will divulge can be useful to both men and women, my goal is to describe how women require additional stimulation to achieve climax and create a more pleasurable sexual experience.

Now there are a lot of labels out in the world at the moment for those who are having sex. There is straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, cross dressing, transgender, and full on sex change. I might have missed a few but I think everyone gets the gist. My focus will be with traditional straight partners, a man and a woman. How others who read this book and use the information is up to them. So I am writing this for men on how to pleasure a woman. My verbiage will reflect that direction.

The subjects I want to touch upon, are often lost on the young, unobserved by the so called experienced and taken for granted by many not interested in how to properly pleasure your partner. If your goal is to enter a relationship and pound the woman of your lustful intent until you explode, than what I have to offer may not help you (More on this subject later.)

Of course I’m not claiming I am going to change the world with this book. What I am alluding to is the fact that many people, who are not paying attention, can easily miss opportunities to increase the pleasure sphere of which most of us desire.

Who of us hasn’t entered a relationship where great sex increased the affection for your partner so completely that you reveled in the glow afterwards? For some it was once many years ago and the relationship broke apart, for any number of reasons, but the glow felt so fantastic that you committed it to memory. For some the relationship is still strong and that glow didn't ever fade. Some are so lucky.

Great sex can continue on with other partners in time. It’s not just about the Early days or high school. Understanding the methodology of nipple turning can make every sexual encounter great. It’s all about paying attention to your partner and understanding their movements, their wants, and desires, finding the proper method that works can lead to some seriously loud screams of orgasmic release. And we all know where that can go, another session under the sheets the next night for a repeat performance. Something all men love to hear.

As eager as all men are to drop their pants, if the process isn’t satisfying enough to reach the goal then it isn’t worth trying, to some women anyway. In the science of finding and producing new forms of energy, the same vision can be said to be true. Mathematically, if it takes more power to run a new proposed energy device than its desired output, the process isn’t worth investigating.

There are all kinds of books that claim to offer tips to greater sex. I’ve read some that involve different positions. Last I remembered, as long a man can stick his penis inside a woman was a good position. That was a bust for me. I’ve seen some on fetishes. There was one that involved a hundred ways to use ice to spice up a sexual encounter; that made me laugh. There were a few that used some kind of therapy to get both partners on the same page harmonically and in tune before sex but when I tried that, I was too tired in my mind to deal with any kind of nudity. Food associations with sex made feel fat after a little while. And then there was the old fashion way, of hoping you have enough energy at the end of the work day to make it work. Don’t even get me started on having children and attempting to have a meaningful orgasm in the next room to said sleeping child. In those situations, no matter what, you don’t want wake the child. Even if there was an earthquake you didn’t wake the child or there would be hell to pay. Usually in those years the glow we struggle to achieve becomes merely a night light reflection of your deepest desire and becomes more of a quickie to get it out of the way.

Then of course there are books that talk about finding the G spot to increase satisfaction. One was full of meaningful candid reviews that people gave about their sex lives hoping that if you read the whole thing before you had sex again, you might be able to pick out some described encounter which you could relate to for you and your partner. Although there were some interesting discoveries within those pages, I’m not sure I had the memory capacity for all that to be worthwhile.

Then there was role playing. Role playing has its benefits but not everyone is into it. It takes energy to plan who you might turn into and it's difficult to think up such things on the fly, especially if your fly is already open. Then there's the dialogue of maintaining such a character during the act. The idea of sleeping with a different person than they live with is enough to make the libido a little more attentive. A few words of dialogue, a bad French accent, and some interesting clothing and voilà, you’re pounding your cock into some woman you just met in a French cafe. However other women require more than being someone with a bad French accent to get it to work.

I have an interesting insight into that idea. Let me share a little story of how I came to be exposed to this method of distraction.

I knew someone who wasn’t abashed at telling me about their role playing encounters in the bedroom. They even filmed the events. It all came about when I was asked to run a simple phone line through their house. Apparently as adept as they were in the bedroom, stage lighting and video camera set up, neither could stretch a phone line across their home. That’s when I saw all the stuff in their bedroom, trunks full of clothes from theater costume shops, a VHS video recorder on a tripod, (in that day VHS was the big thing) actual staging on one side of the bed, and pillows that would rival a harem.

Before this day started I imagined roll playing through a verbal vehicle, not the elaborate plethora of props before me. Maybe my idea verbal stuff would include some interesting types of clothing your wife wouldn't get caught in public wearing, but otherwise lingerie and whispering in her ear was the limit.

I couldn't help myself and had to ask what the hell all that stuff was for. The woman I presented the question to went over to the trunk and took a few articles, a hat and a long fuzzy scarf, and pretended to be someone else with a terribly fake accent before dropping onto her bed. Her answer started me. She said that being someone else liberated her libido and the sex became other worldly.

And the camera? I added.

She said that they recorded many bedroom productions. In my mind I saw this as auditioning for amateur porn, but to her it was another way of capitalizing on the moment so they could watch themselves enjoy each other’s bodies.

When she asked if I wanted to see some of the video, I declined. I didn't want to taint the image of my friend with what she did with her husband. Not to mention that I was married at the time as well. Who would advertise their nudity, or sexual prowess to a friend? That was my thought at the time. Now many years beyond that day I think I should have checked it out. She was rather nice looking.

But here is the part I should have started with. She was a free spirited woman, meaning that she wasn't afraid to push boundaries as long as it was fun. In the past she wondered verbally why there were no topless beaches where we lived for her to hang out at. If that wasn't free spirited, in the uptight community I lived in back in that day, I don't know what is.

Many years later, I shared this moment frozen in the bowels of my mind my current wife. She suggested that maybe… She was trying to get me to dress up too. There are a number of women who are into seducing their repair men. Maybe I didn’t see it then. Maybe I could have had other worldly sex. (This is where I shrug my shoulders.) Maybe the video camera was for more than the husband and wife shows. Perhaps if I did check it out, there could have been a scandalous blackmail event in my future.

Who knows? Maybe it was just an awkward revelation into my friend’s sex life. It revealed to me that sometimes there is more to sticking a penis into a woman and pushing it back and forth. Maybe my friend needed more stimulation than jumping the rod. Maybe she needed to change all of herself to make it more fun.

And the last kind of stimulation is the one most men would fall over themselves to try, porn. Not all men are into porn, most women are definitely not. But when you are a couple that doesn't mind the shock value of naked people hammering a cock in some fashion, porn is an aphrodisiac worth admiring. If you want something to spice up a sexual encounter, that is the fastest way to get two lovers to explode with a satisfaction you can never discuss at the office the next day without getting some funny looks.

The interesting thing about porn is that as fulfilling it is on the eyes, and the libido, the more you see it the less effective it becomes after a while. You’ve heard the old saying, To much of a good thing…Bla, Bla, Bla. I forget the end but the reality of watching too much skin can dull an otherwise sharp knife.

All I can say on this matter is this. We all want the most out of our sexual encounters. We want it meaningful and fulfilling enough to retain that special glow that only sex can bring our species. You never see a cat or dog be all touchy/ feely after they have sex. They lick their genitals and go about their business. Only humans appreciate what sex can do to a relationship.

In this book I’m going to attempt to educate about how to increase a woman’s satisfaction through many years of trying to perfect the art of nipple turning. To some it may some seem extravagant to think that such a thing is even a consideration when performing a sexual act. But I can assure you that providing such consideration towards the female orgasm is enough to give her one without you even touching her (More on this subject in a later chapter.) Women love having consideration given to them. They feel used and abused all day. You placing a high value on her release will go a long way to getting that special glow to continue on for years and years. Think of it as pulling the green lever, all systems go, or giving the green light for her to scream, that sort of thing. All because you showed her that you value her release above yours. (I’ll explain the green lever in a moment.)

Chapter 1

Identity of the Big O (Recognizing the Complexity of a Woman’s Orgasm.)

I once saw a picture, circulating on Facebook, about a box that represented the female sex drive in one picture and the male in the other. It may have been rather simplistic but it hit the accuracy of the issue home.

The first picture for the female was that of a wooden box. On the top there were many switches, gages, two antennas and a host of other devices. On the side was a lever painted in green. The second picture for the