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Personal Revolution (A Cabot's Crossing Mystery) - Devon Ellington

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Personal Revolution


Devon Ellington

That’s taking authenticity too far. I shaded my eyes with one hand, staring at the figure in a redcoat uniform dangling from the enormous oak at the side of the house.

Are you sure it’s real? Lizzy Hamilton tugged at the white cotton apron of her costume.

Discolored skin, bulging eyes, black tongue…yeah, I’d say it’s real. I pulled out my phone and punched in 9-1-1. Hello? This is Glenda Sikowksy, executive director of the Abby Turnbull House on Meekham Road. I have a dead body wearing a redcoat uniform hanging from my oak tree…I have no idea how long he’s been there…No, don’t recognize the guy. Look, I know you’ve got to be thorough, but I’m expecting a couple of hundred people here for a performance of the Declaration of Independence and personal letters in less than an hour and I’ve got to figure out where to put them, since under the oak tree is no longer an option. Please, just send someone…I’m hanging up now. Thank you. I clicked off and turned to Lizzy, still staring at the body.

I keep thinking I should feel more…something, she said.

It’ll come later, I promised. Now, I need your help. Focus now, and if you feel sick later, I’ll send you home.

I don’t want to go home. Lizzy swallowed and her large blue eyes met my hazel ones. I’m here to do a job. What do you need?

I wish I’d been as self-controlled as Lizzy was at seventeen. I’d have avoided a lot of heartbreak. "I have to stay with the body until the cops get here. The performance will have to happen in the back garden beside the refreshment tables, instead of out here. Have Becky and Finn change the signs and put up more to lead people around the other side of the house and avoid this area. Tell them to help you set the chairs ASAP.

"Warn Cass to finish set-up early and keep the food out of