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Murder. Theatre. Solitaire.

Length: 209 pages3 hours


It was supposed to be a week of relaxation for theatre director Milton Crouse. A winter trip to a secluded mansion retreat in Vermont would, according to his sister, restore his frayed nerves, but only if he avoided all thought and activity related to theatre during that time. He could nap all, hike, and play as many versions of his beloved solitaire as he wished, but absolutely no thought of any thing theatrical was permitted.

But when an freak overnight blizzard snows everyone in, and one of his fellow guests turns up murdered, Milton feels compelled to get to the bottom of things. So much for relaxation.

Using the skills and perceptions he's developed in theatre over the years, Milton observes the venue, the characters, the motivations and the available "props" in an attempt to come up with the missing scenes in the real-life drama unfolding around him. The problem is, not everyone wants to be a part of the show.

As the police plow their way through the snow and ice on the highway and up to the mountain, will Milton's deductions satisfy his tiny audience, or will he find the curtain closed on his attempts to uncover the truth?

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