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The Fallen Fairy

Length: 280 pages4 hours


Welcome to the Inner Plane and its tempestuous society of sorcerers and magi. The Fallen Fairy, the second novel in the Sorcerers and Magi series is a tale about the discovery of hapless fairy that incarnates as a woman in the world of “Commons.” Sorcerers from the Inner Plane swoop in to vie for her affections in the interests of love and occult power and opportunism. Transferences of inscrutable powers through intimate acts place the fairy and the notorious pair of sorcerers who she ultimately joins with under the scrutiny of both the Lions of Light and its adversaries. But more than this, through the drama, those magical men she encounters undergo profound transformations and come to know who they truly are and want to be. The story’s heroine circumspectly aids the Lions of Light, introduced in book 1 of the series, and sets the stage for radical and illuminating transformations of all who come into contact with her. References to alchemy, medieval occultism, the "language of the birds," steganography, and sex magic permeate the text. Each of the 22 chapters is named for and thematically reflects a card of the Tarot's Upper Arcana.

In this series, magical fantasy is woven with insights from Eastern mysticism and the Western mystery tradition. The series offers thought-provoking ideas about self and finding oneself and one’s true purpose and is geared to adult fiction readers drawn to magic, mysticism, and spirituality. A hidden gem that not only entertains but enlightens. Consider it "Harry Potter for Grownups."

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