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Warriors of the Veihl

Length: series


"What do you call a demon who can't come? Dead." - Brynna, witch extraordinaire

"Witches are deceitful, conniving bitches and are good for only two things: Fucking and target practice." Rhys, Overworld Demon Prince

Wrongly accused of cursing Rhys with erectile dysfunction after a single night of uninhibited pleasure, Brynna wants nothing more to do with the demon. Granted, his grounds for believing in the curse are legitimate, but it's not her fault he hasn't been able to come for the past three months.

Rhys truly believes she's cursed him, and in order to have the hex removed, he kidnaps the witch from her coven and nullifies her powers. With the intent of sexually tormenting Brynna until she removes the curse, Rhys finds himself at her mercy as the toxin in his system builds with no outlet and his strength wanes.

They must work together to find his mate before the toxin kills him. The only problem is that Rhys's mate could be any one of several women he'd been with that same night three months ago. And Brynna can't help remembering that night and the passion they'd shared, a passion that still leaves her breathless. Watching him kiss all the frogs in order to find his princess is sure to drive her insane.

Can they find his mate before the toxin builds and leaves the last heir to the demon throne dead? Or will the fiery hatred between them get him first?

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