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Knight's End

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Prince Garreg-Wen of the Dark Elves proposes a treaty between the Elves and the Odassians, which would open the borders for the first time in a hundred years. On both sides there are strong feelings.
Ambassador Creighton, a former Dark Elves Knight and two Odassian Knights, Robert Treharne and Nobby Styles, as bodyguards, as they journey to Elven lands to discuss the possibility of a treaty with Prince Garreg-Wen. It seems they should have been guarding Creighton instead of Holbrooke as somebody is trying to speed the former Knight’s end.
Amidst strong opposition and political intrigue, a blind knight will need the vision to find a murderer and gain the trust of a nation, while a Knight of the Dead faces the darkest depths of the Beyond when the recently dead begin to return home.

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