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The Mapmaker

Length: 307 pages4 hours


Where is the line crossed between faith and madness?
Dallas detectives Francisco “Frank” Gutiterra, a long time veteran on the force, and Rick Olsen, his rookie partner and a die hard young “techie,” find themselves at that frightening intersection, while on a case so twisted; it dares to push one or both of them over the edge.
An elusive and psychotic mad man dubbed the Mapmaker, claiming to be on a divine mission from God, leads Gutiterra and Olsen to a series of puzzling murders, each committed by equally maniacal killers with a horrible connection to him. The Mapmaker does so, by turning his own victims into “maps,” with their bodies, leading to where each of the crimes occurs. But, the more things the detectives learn about the cases, the bigger the clues-and the insanity-grows with each passing day.
With an overly ambitious news reporter complicating matters, Gutiterra and Olsen get closer, or farther, from catching the mad man. But are they ready to deal with what they uncover if they ever find him?
Only ‘The Mapmaker’ holds the answers to everyone’s salvation, including Gutiterra’s, or that of the Mapmaker himself.

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