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They had known each other all their lives, or so it seemed, but it wasn't until that special something happened that they realized there was a strong sexual attraction in play. However, despite their best-laid plans—and what they wanted, the ride just wasn't as smooth as they'd hoped. True love, though, tends be the deciding factor in matters of the heart...
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ISBN: 9781611604634
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Give Me Wings - Danyealle Autumn Myst

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Chapter 1

Sitting there, unable to move, I stared into his blue-green eyes, mesmerized. Something in them, I don’t know what though, seemed to pull me in like a moth to a flame, an urge I was powerless to resist. What the hell was I doing? I mean, he was old enough to be my father and here I was thinking about actually fucking him! No, it was more than that, I knew it. A whole lot more. Somewhere, between the two of us, a connection had been made. I could feel it and, from the look in his eyes, he was feeling something as well.

His left hand squeezed mine lightly. It had been there to move my fingers on the frets to get the chord right but now, well, it was there for something else. That squeeze sent a jolt through my body, a stab of pure wanton lust. I didn’t move away like I knew I should have. At that point I really didn’t think my body would have obeyed any commands I might have given it anyway. Stone statue still, I sat there, gazing into those eyes. What the hell was I thinking? I couldn’t do this! No matter what my body wanted, there was no way I could sleep with him. Age aside, he was a good friend of my father’s, and I doubted dear old Dad would approve of me sleeping with one of his best friends. Not only that, he was famous. That rough golden voice of his had probably lured countless women just like me into his bed. I may be a lot of things in this world, but a groupie was not one of them; nor was I interested in a casual fuck from someone famous. But those eyes held me; frozen, unable to move. There was something in them. I wasn’t sure what it was, but it held me there, motionless. Leaning forward, he kissed me; softly, ever so softly. Despite knowing better, I leaned into the kiss and surrendered without a hint of a fight, even though I should have backed off and run. I guess my fate was sealed.

* * * *

Uncle Gary was someone I had known all my life. He and Dad had been friends since their younger days on the rodeo circuit. After a year or so, both of them had moved on to other things. They made grown-up lives for themselves rather than pursue something that wouldn’t lead to a career, despite the fact that they loved what they did.

Dad went to college, going on to become a civil engineer. Gary moved to Nashville where he had become a singer/songwriter, trying to reach the big time like so many others who migrated there over the years in search of their dream, fame and fortune. They had kept in touch, as good friends do, while they made their way in the world. From there, both of them had begun to build their lives; starting families and doing what most of us do in the world to carve out their niche. But they kept in touch during that time; the friendship that had started while they rode those bulls had remained and grown, prospering despite how different their lives had become.

I, on the other hand, was the last of six children and the only girl in a house full of brothers. To me, he was just Uncle Gary, Dad’s buddy, someone that passed through my world from time to time as I grew up. Sure, he was fun and I knew his kids but that was it, nothing more than that to me.

As I grew to become a teenager, I learned who he was; Uncle Gary was a famous country singer. Looking back now, I can honestly say I never had a crush on him. I mean, from my perspective, he was old, like Dad, not someone I was remotely interested in. After all, I saw him a few times a year, knew his wife and kids, stuff like that. Because he was a familiar fixture in my life, his fame wasn’t anything that I was interested in, nor did I see him in the way so many in the world did; that famous singer with the down-home good looks that attracted women in droves.

By my teenage years, I was jaded about fame of all kinds. My brothers were becoming somewhat well-known in football, so that kind of attention from the general public was nothing new to me. Uncle Gary just had a different version of it than they did, was all. While I was in my last two years of high school, Gary’s star was rising rapidly and he didn’t come around as much as he once had. At the time, honestly, I hadn’t thought much of it, though I did miss his visits. After all, he had been fun; liking to toss the football around, go out riding and other things all of us liked to do when he came around. There were also the wonderful stories that he liked to tell. Those, for some reason, were things I liked to listen to. But, to an extent, I understood and accepted that Uncle Gary had his own life to live and, now, that didn’t include us or Dad the way it used to. Hey, it was understandable! He was chasing his dream and looked like he might get it, unlike so many in the world. More power to him was my thought on the matter!

Then I graduated. That was followed by college, so I moved away for four years, only coming home on breaks, keeping myself busy. Psych wasn’t an easy subject and it ate up a lot of my time. My family understood that, so when Uncle Gary was around, I wasn’t. That was just the way of the world. Though I longed for my old life, not wanting to grow up in some ways like so many did, it was time for me to be an adult, so that’s what I