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Torrid Teasers Volume 41
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Noelle's Elf Noelle faces the prospects of a lonely Christmas. She makes a wish upon a star asking for what every girl wants - a man. Dan overhears her sad wish and decides to do something about it. In the process, he finds she fills an emptiness he's lived with for a long time. Can Noelle's elf make both the desires reality? His Christmas Carole Carole made the mistake of falling for a married man but it didn't matter - she loved him. Kristofer wanted Carole for his own but without strings attached - which he had. Will his Christmas Carole get the gift he needs and wants to give her?
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ISBN: 9781603130554
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Torrid Teasers Volume 41 - Christy Poff

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THis Christmas Carole


Christy Poff

Chapter 1

What the hell do you mean you won’t give me a divorce? We haven’t lived together for years…

It’s called payback, Vicky Masters hissed back. You think you can leave me, shack up with some tramp and want me to quietly give you your freedom? I don’t think so.

You walked out on me, flaunted your latest conquests and acted like I’m the jerk, Kristofer Masters snapped back. At least I’ve been discreet and she’s not a tramp.

By whose standards?


I’d be careful what you say, she said. It could cost you.

Kris Masters hated dealing with his estranged wife. She’d left him three years before then threw her new life in his face every chance she could. He knew she would have something to blackmail him with and it sickened him. Carole deserved better—he deserved better.

Just sign the papers and I’m out of your life for good.

What about alimony?

You’re walking away with the house, everything of value I bought you over the years and several things you really aren’t entitled to. If you want to keep everything without my dragging you into court, I’d stick to the agreement and sign the papers. Your lawyer is chomping at the bit to file this and get it off his desk.

Vicky thought for a moment then signed three copies of the divorce papers, effectively ending their marriage and getting most of what she wanted except a monthly check. Kris watched her, shaking his head. Her attorney actually agreed with what they had hammered out during negotiations allowing Kris’ lawyer to draw up the papers. They didn’t know about the additional clause prohibiting Vicky from dragging him back into court at a later date in order to break the agreement to get more. He watched her sign all three copies without reading them, Kris snickering.

There, she said, throwing the pen down. Now get out.

Gladly, Kris said. "Merry