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Callie Shelton is apprenticed to be an angel of death. Ten years earlier when she died, instead of moving on, she was transformed into a new person. During the transformation she gained heightened senses of taste, vision and smell. But she lost her ability to feel anything. Now, her job is to collect the souls of people as they die and help them move to the next level. During one of these jobs she feels the touch of a man for the first time in a decade. Tanner is a normal twenty-something who happens to be the only person Callie can feel and he soon reminds her how good touching another person can be. He leads Callie down a road she never thought was possible. She learns destiny has been altered and she is the only one who can set it back on track. But does she really want to?
Published: Torrid Books on
ISBN: 9781611604177
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Touch of Pleasure - Cassidy Kingston

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Chapter 1

Callie Shelton walked into the office and picked up the stack of notecards in the box with her name on it. She only had to come in once a month and couldn’t be more grateful for that. She hated being at the office. Everyone here was always so serious and boring. They were all older and she felt that they looked down on her. She had gotten this job because she was born to do it, just like the rest of them.

Callie, can you come in here for a moment? asked the man sitting behind the large oak desk in the office across from the mailroom.

Callie walked into his office and plopped down on the sofa.

What’cha need, Dean?

I need to talk to you about your work. You seem to be making some of your co-workers uncomfortable. They seem to think you’re a little too cheerful during assignments.

Um...well, I’m sorry that I’m not as uptight as everyone else around here. I think that a little cheer is a good thing during an assignment.

Callie, you’re an angel of death. Death is not cheerful! Dean said sternly, standing and walking over to Callie. He stretched his large black wings, causing a wave of air to wash over her.

Well, technically I’m not an angel yet. I’m still an apprentice, remember?

Well just to be on the safe side I’ve assigned you to solo jobs for the next month. Please use this time to grow up a little. You’re only a few months away from being promoted to full angel.

Callie nodded and stood. She left his office and went straight to her car.

She had been born to a mortal mother and a pre-transitional angel of death and had never known if she would live a normal life or be called to service. Then almost ten years ago when she was twenty-six, she got the call. It came in the form of a large black truck as she was crossing the road in front of her apartment. She saw it coming, and before it hit, her soul was