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Sales Talk - Con Blomberg

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Sales Talk

By Con Blomberg

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Sales Talk

By Con Blomberg

To live different and exciting lives, all I had to do was sign here—and give up my own life!

Looking out the window, I saw them crossing the court toward the building—two of them. One, the taller with yellow hair, was carrying a flat, expensive briefcase, and the other, of course, was carrying the large square box that contained the Sim.

The buzzer sounded, announcing them at the door, and I opened it with mixed feelings. I wasn’t sure myself how I would act and—well, you hear so many stories about EL, and this was really my first contact with them.

They were standing out in front, looking just like a couple of door-to-door salesmen. And that’s just what they were, even if they were called Electro Medical Consultants. Just a fancy name for