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A Is For Amour, B Is For Bondage, C Is For Co-Eds and D Is For Dress-Up kick off a new series from Alison Tyler and Cleis Press. From Amour to Zippers, this alphabetical extravaganza of erotic delights features 26 hot volumes of explicit, playful stories.

The couples in these stories love to put on a costume and try out a new persona for some playful, amorous fun. Rachel Kramer Bussel shows what happens when a modern girl becomes “Dorothy for the Day,” while Bryn Haniver’s narrator makes short work of an old prom dress in “Rags to Riches.”
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ISBN: 9781573445962
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DREAM WITH ME. Dream of closets filled with fantasy outfits... schoolgirl skirts, high-heeled leather boots, shimmering prom gowns, slippery latex slacks. Oh, and, of course, accessories: velvet gloves, fishnet stockings, lacy rose-adorned garters, silky scarlet knickers.

Now, dream a little more. Of a collection of stories featuring those same types of fantasy attire, a whole walk-in closet filled to overflowing with decadent tales. That was my dream when I put out a call for this collection. I didn’t assign outfits to the authors. Instead, I was much more interested in what playing dress-up meant to them.

To me, dressing up doesn’t mean donning high-heeled shoes and a fancy gown. Doesn’t always mean that, anyway. Dressing up is what I do every single day. Sliding on a different costume, depending on my mood. Some days, you’ll find me in jeans and a man’s-style bowling shirt featuring someone else’s name on the pocket. Other days, I need a schoolgirl skirt to feel complete. Check me out in my shiny penny loafers, opaque hose, and cashmere cardigan.

But dressing up inspires different things in different people. Some focus on the outerwear, like the uptight boyfriend in Tenille Brown’s story Presenting Paulette, who dresses his lady to look like his mother. Others notice only undergarments, like the narrator in Thomas S. Roche’s French Cut. Sometimes shoes are all that matter—drool over Shanna Germain’s fantastic fantasy footwear in Puss-in-Boots. And sometimes a true head-to-toe makeover is required for a sexy change, such as Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Dorothy for the Day.

Bryn Haniver’s narrator makes short work of an old prom dress in Rags to Riches, while a trip to a costume shop is necessary for the character in Michelle Houston’s story, A Long-Held Fantasy.

From slinky undergarments to the finishing touch of lipstick (lose yourself in Tsaurah Litzky’s unexpected treasure), you’ll find them all in D Is for Dress-Up. Now, open wide this fantasy closet, and reach inside...


Alison Tyler

SHe Knew

DEEP DOWN, SHE KNEW she was going to get screwed.

She’d helped him pick out his clothes for his new job. She’d helped with three jackets and five pairs of pants, and about six shirts. He had been back a couple of times in the last two weeks. She’d helped him put on and take off jackets. She’d measured his inseam and his shoulders and his chest.

On his third visit, he didn’t bother going into the dressing room to change pants. He just dropped them there in front of her, and stood in his tight boxers. It was probably then that she went a little higher in his crotch when he was trying on another pair of pants. She touched his balls with the back of her hand, and kept on measuring.

He began to get bigger, and he turned away, embarrassed.

He paid for his selections, and asked her out, for Friday after the shop closed; for tonight. She knew she was going to get screwed. She thought about it all day. She thought about when it would happen, and where. She thought about what she should wear, so it would be easy for him, with a simple dress that would lift over her head in a flash, showing maybe a black lace bra.

Maybe a soft satin blouse with a hundred buttons, so that it would take forever to open her up, with only a T under it. She hadn’t decided, when she dressed in the morning, and now had only about an hour before he would walk in the door.

You had to wear the right clothes for a first screw. It was just a matter of how much time it should take and how hard it should be to get there. The last customer had long since left. She had to decide.

By the time the bell rang over the door as he walked in, she was ready. She was standing in the middle of the three dressing mirrors, so he saw her from front, back, and sides. She stood with her hands on her hips and her legs apart, in a mannequin pose.

He stopped when he saw her and crossed his arms as he stood there and took her in from bottom to top.

Brown wingtip shoes with black over-the-calf socks.

Very snug pleated and creased dark blue trousers with a faint pinstripe.

No belt.

Dark blue suspenders, buttoned to her pants, and tight against her chest.

A matching blue double-breasted jacket, buttoned.

A thin elegant white striped shirt, buttoned up to her neck.

A tight white armless striped undershirt, over her bare breasts.

And a silk blue-and-maroon print tie, properly knotted, hanging down her front.

No bra. And silk boxers. Black.

She was going to get screwed, but wanted it different. And wanted it to take time. He walked up to her. She pulled closed the curtain in front of the mirrors. She reached into her inside breast pocket and took out a deck of cards. She held them out to him in the palm of her hand.

He cut the deck. 7.

She cut it. 4.

She took off her jacket. One hardened nipple slipped from behind the suspenders, and pushed out the shirt.

He cut again. 10.

She. Jack.

She removed his jacket for him and hung it on the hook. It was one she had sold him.

Next, his belt. He insisted it was not part of his pants.

Her shoes.

Her socks.

His tie, his shoes, his socks.

He cut. King!


He started to unbutton his shirt. She unfastened his pants instead. He dropped them and stepped out of them. He was bulging in his boxers. It was down to his boxers and shirt. She still had her tie, suspenders, shirt, pants, and underwear.

His shirt!

He took the deck and shuffled it. He stepped back off the platform and sat in the dressing room chair, in only his boxers. He drew a card, not looking at it, and tossed it toward her. It landed on the platform face up. 3.

He drew another card and, without looking at it, held it up for her to see. 5.

He got up, went to her, and undid her tie, brushing against her breasts as he removed it.

He went back to the chair and tossed her a 9. He held up a Queen. He pointed to her pants. She pointed to her suspenders, shrugged, and slipped them to her sides. Both nipples were hard.

8. 9. She started to unbutton her shirt, slowly, pulled it out of her pants, then pulled the shirt open to reveal her breasts and slipped the shirt off. He started throbbing in his boxers.

She walked over to him and drew a card. Ace. He drew. Ace! He held the deck to her. She slowly shook her head, and unfastened and dropped her pants. She stepped back and pointed to the mirrored platform.

He walked to it, shaking his head. Facing the mirrors, he slid his boxers down and kicked them off the platform. He didn’t turn around. She could see him, erect, from three views. He shook his head and put his hands on his hips, and turned around, stepping off the platform.

He drew one last card. The fourth Ace. He held it up for her to see. She knew she was going to get screwed. She knew it was going to be now. He slipped off her silk boxers and grabbed her in his arms, and pushed her back against the mirrors, and thrust himself into her.

SKIn on SKIn

DEEP BREATHS," Jade whispered to herself, as she attempted to quell her erratic breathing. Walking down the narrow passageway, she eyed the purple-painted walls that were lit occasionally by triangles of hazy light. The beat of a bass guitar sounded through the walls and the floor. The atmosphere grew heavier as she reached the door at the end of the passage, resonant with a heady mix of heat, sound, and scent. Her heart rate quickened. She paused, noticing that the paint was cracked in the top left-hand corner of the heavy black door, lifting and peeling away, revealing the bare wood beneath. Jade had a keen eye for such things. That was why she had come to The Cave that night, to relish the surface coverings as well as that which lay beneath.

She glanced down at her outfit, hoping it would blend in with what she might find beyond the door. A cut-off latex top, sleeveless and skin-tight, left her midriff bare. A leather miniskirt was cinched around her hips, zippered from waist to hem at both front and back. Shiny soft plastic boots clung to her legs, like skins on her own skin. The decadent outfit gave her cover; it also gave her nerve. She lifted her chin. Jade was a shy but deep-down determined sort. She had an insatiable curiosity for all things sexual, which was inevitably leading her on, and she could insinuate herself into most places with utter stealth.

The door opened and a figure darted past her. Jade took a deep breath at the scene beyond. The room was full of bodies, moving, dancing, whispering against one another. The sound was vibrant, industrial dance music that sliced through the senses. It invaded her body with its powerful, undulating rhythms. A pulse point rapidly began to pound inside her. Flashes of brilliant color broke the pools of darkness that met her eyes: a transparent neon shirt flickering with movement, a streak of deep-scarlet satin hanging low on a tattooed back, white skin shining beneath the black straps buckled across a dancer’s back.

Strobe lights sprang to life, flashing a series of frozen images of the crowd in negative versions of themselves, before submerging them again into a heaving, dark mass of dancing. Fetish. Alternative. Jade smiled. How could she not love a fashion that revealed the body with such erotic candor? A wave of heat was building between her thighs.

She slipped easily among the bodies, unseen, brushing against them, her eyes taking in each and every clinging fabric, wistfully peeling them away in her mind.