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You too can be a Qurono. All you need do is geoplanct. All you need know is when to stop!
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Always a Qurono - Jim Harmon

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Always a Qurono

By Jim Harmon

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Always a Qurono

By Jim Harmon

You too can be a Qurono. All you need do is geoplanct. All you need know is when to stop!

Barnhart sauntered right into the middle of them. He covertly watched the crew close in around him and he never twitched an eyelash.Officers must never panic, he reminded himself, and manipulated the morning sighting on the nearest sun through the Fitzgerald lens. It was exactly 900:25:30, Galactic Time.

He jotted the reading in, satisfied. The warm breath tickling the back of his neck was unnerving. If he showed fear and grabbed a blaster from the locker he could probably control them, but he was devastingly aware that a captain must never show fear.

Captain Barnhart, Simmons, the mate, drawled politely, do you still plan on making the jump at 900 thirty?

The captain removed his eyeglasses and polished