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Top business guru Liam O'Connell tells you all you need to know about organising a staff conference. Packed with great tips and practical advice on how to plan and organise, this book will help you ensure your conference is a big success.
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Chapter One

Why, what and how – Focus on what’s important!

Right, let’s get started, don’t waste any time, at the earliest possible opportunity ensure you get a clear brief from your Chief Executive, executive team or the most senior person possible. This is vitally important because the conference purpose should be linked to their business aims and objectives.

An enormous amount of time and money is often wasted by not agreeing shared objectives at the beginning of the organising process. Ask yourself and the senior team these three vital questions:  

Why are you holding a conference in the first place?

What outcomes do you want to achieve?

How are you going to achieve them?

Let’s take the why question first – Why are you even considering a staff conference, one of the most expensive, risky and high-profile events?

Well, let’s look at the positives –  a well-organised staff conference can help you:

Motivate and inspire your staff team members

Communicate important business messages

Celebrate your successes

Recognise and reward your people

Improve understanding of business aims and objectives

Bring everybody together as one big team and enhance pride in your organisation

It is not, however, a cure for evils a chance to put everything right, or to cram everything into one day that should have been done already throughout the year – e.g. a customer training programme, health and safety advice, or a particular manager’s current favourite subject. I have heard many people trying to do just too much on the day. Keep things simple, agree your objectives and stick to