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The follow-up to the critically acclaimed My Fire's Gone Out, the Fire Philosophy is an inspirational and common sense parable for coping with change. Using real life examples of people who have overcome adversity in their lives including redundancy, illness and addiction, this book examines the choices to keep your spark alive.
Published: Accent Press on
ISBN: 9781682991121
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The Fire Philosophy - Liam O'Connell

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A long time ago, in a strange and dark world far beneath the earth, there lived four little devils who stoked the fires of hell. It was hard work, but most of the time they enjoyed what they did, after all it was a job, and these days beggars can’t be choosers.

The devils were in many ways just like you and me; they had their strange quirks, their strengths and weaknesses, their hopes and their worries.

Life had returned to something like normal in the days and months following the little devils’ discovery of the new fuel for the fire. The new fire had helped them regain their motivation and sense of purpose.

They had gone back to their normal familiar routine – do you remember it?

Wake up, go to work, work hard, go home... Wake up, go to work, work hard, go home...

The devils were determined that they would never let their fire go out again!

But they were about to find out that life’s many twists and turns can sometimes lead to a very dark place indeed. A place that nobody wants to go to, even though the temptation can be almost too much to resist!

I have often heard it said that the simple things are the most important. Perhaps we all need reminding of that from time to time, and the devils are no different.

Why don’t I introduce them to you?


A creative soul, Sparky is always coming up with new ideas. He loves having fun and grasping the many opportunities that life brings. Sparky has a positive, can do attitude, is fast thinking and a bit quirky. Some people might say he is a little sensitive and doesn’t like criticism, but then, who does?


Oxy is keen to get things done. He is very good with his hands and is always the first to get stuck in when something needs to be finished. He usually sees the bright side of life, and would rather take action and complete a task than sit around talking about it all day. Some people might say Oxy is rigid and lives by rules and regulations, but that might be a bit harsh.


A really deep thinker, Diesel is sound and reliable. Xou can always depend on him in a crisis. He will listen to both sides of an argument and make his own judgement. Some people might say he can be negative, a glass half-empty sort of person. But