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Following Enlightened comes Christmas With Nathan - a sexy seasonal short. It's now three months after the birth of their son William, and time for Nathan and Stella to spend their first Christmas together as a family of three. The trouble is, Nathan hasn't touched Stella since the birth, and she's starting to worry that something might be wrong between them. Can Nathan soothe her fears and give Stella a Christmas to remember, or is fatherhood just a step too far for this formerly closed-off Dom?
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ISBN: 9781682991251
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Christmas with Nathan - Alice Raine

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As I gazed down at my baby son sleeping peacefully in his cot, I couldn’t help but grin proudly to myself. Even at his tender age of just over three months, William was a handsome little man, taking after his daddy with his bright blue eyes and hair so blond that it almost seemed to glow even in the dim evening light.

It was Christmas Eve already, the time since his birth seeming to have passed incredibly quickly. Another smile curled my lips as I tried to imagine what William would be like as he grew up. Probably a charmer like his dad, although hopefully not quite as much of a handful, I thought, as I envisaged some tricky teenage years looming in our future.

Just then, I sensed Nathan entering the bedroom and coming up behind me. Warmth encased me as two strong arms slid around my waist, joining over my stomach and pulling me gently against the strength of his chest. I loved how safe and secure his touch made me feel.

‘He went out like a light then,’ Nathan observed beside my ear, gently rocking us in a relaxing, swaying motion as we watched Will, his little fingers bunching and relaxing against his face.

‘He did. I think visiting Nicholas and Rebecca today must have worn him out, they spoil him rotten with attention.’ And wasn’t that the truth! Nicholas and Rebecca were the most doting aunt and uncle any baby could ask for.

Pulling me against him even tighter, Nathan’s lips began to nudge through my hair until he found the sensitive skin of my neck and placed several hot, open-mouthed kisses there. Hmm … that felt so good that a little shudder of pleasure ran through my body and a moan left my lips as I allowed my head to drop backwards against his firm chest to give him better access.

Perhaps it had just been meant as a quick ‘hello’ kiss, or maybe he’d sensed my rapidly growing arousal, because Nathan suddenly stopped and lifted his head, resting his chin on my shoulder as he joined me in looking at William.

Disappointment settled in my belly as I sensed him pulling away from me again. Not physically – his arms were still firmly wrapped around me – but it seemed that sexually, Nathan had removed himself from me once again, just as he had done ever since I’d given birth.

A small sigh escaped my lips and my eyes briefly flickered shut as I tried to get a grip on my tumbling emotions. It had been nearly thirteen weeks since I’d had William, and Nathan hadn’t made love to me once in that time. It wasn’t just full sex that he was avoiding either – apart from sharing some relatively chaste kisses, we hadn’t done anything sexual at all. Nothing. And this was Nathan, Mr I-need-sex-at-least-five-times-a-week Jackson that we were talking about. And five times had been on his decidedly slower weeks. Before I’d gotten pregnant I’d been used to almost daily attentions from him.

Simply put, my man had the sex drive of a rabbit on Viagra, yet he hadn’t come near me since the birth. Another heavy sigh slipped from my lips at that depressingly accurate summary of our physical relationship.

It had gotten to the point now where I was starting to worry that he’d gone off me. Maybe watching me squeeze his son out of my body had tainted Nathan’s view of me somehow. Unfortunately, his actions tonight were in no way helping to ease my concern.

I couldn’t even blame his lack of interest on me being fatter either, because thanks to baby yoga, regular walks with Will in his pram, and my four weekly swim sessions, I’d now dropped the majority of my baby weight and was even back in most of my pre-baby clothes.

Obviously, in the first few weeks after having William I hadn’t exactly been up for sex either, but Will had been quite a small baby, and my birth had been relatively easy in the end, miraculously with little tearing down below, and after about eight weeks I’d started to feel quite in the mood for it again.

Unfortunately, Nathan had not.

Whenever I mentioned my desire for us to make love, Nathan just slowly shook his head, stating adamantly that he wasn’t going to push me into anything too quickly. But this wasn’t too quick, and he was in no way pushing me. In fact, it was decidedly bloody slow, and even when tired from feeding Will at night I was still so horny that I seemed to be on a constant simmer of arousal. But no matter how much I had insisted I was fine to have sex again, Nathan had refrained to the point where I now felt almost sluttish for keeping on asking.

It was probably just my post-baby hormones making me paranoid, because Nathan and I had maintained our intimacy since the birth by snuggling, cuddling, and showering together pretty much daily, but recently, although I’d been getting needier during these times and trying to steer it towards more, Nathan had resolutely held back. No matter how attentive he seemed, his continued reluctance for us to make love was starting to make me distinctly twitchy.

Deciding to push my luck again, I took advantage of our position and wiggled my hips backwards against Nathan’s groin, grinding my bottom several times until I heard him growl softly, then slide his hands to my hips and gently shift me away from him.

Disappointment coursed through my veins at the distance he was once again putting between us. ‘Nathan, please …’ I was well aware that my voice came out sounding whiny and a bit pathetic, but I couldn’t help it – sex had been such a huge part of our relationship until William had come along that I was really missing that side of our connection. Surely a man as innately sexual as Nathaniel Jackson was too?

‘No, Stella. It’s too soon.’

My eyes narrowed at his firm words as a horrible little thought wound its way into my brain … was there a possibility that he was getting his release elsewhere? This idea had needled its way into my consciousness a few weeks ago, and was now a constant, poisonous niggling that never seemed far from my thoughts. Nathan had always had a high sex drive, a really high sex drive, so the possibility that he had gone for months on end without releasing it seemed almost impossible to me.

Chewing on the inside of my cheek, I felt my brows lowering in concern. Maybe he was visiting Club Twist without me? There were always single people there looking for a safe one-night stand or an hour or two of fun in one of the many private rooms. My stomach churned with acidic jealousy as the thought began to fester in my brain.

‘Shhh. Come on, I built a fire earlier, let’s go and sit by it,’ he murmured, taking my hand and gently dragging my reluctant body from the bedroom.

I was following him with my body, but my mind was still stuck on thoughts of the hot, heady, sex saturated rooms of Club Twist. There had always been plenty of women glancing lustily in Nathan’s direction whenever we had visited in the past … Was it possible he was going there to slake his sexual needs and then coming home to William and I satisfied, calm, and acting like the perfect daddy?

God, the very thought made me feel physically sick to my core, and as we reached the lounge I came to a decision – my paranoia had gone on long enough, I needed to confront him, and I needed to do it now.

As Nathan led me past our gigantic Christmas tree and tried to guide me to sit on the sofa facing the roaring fire, I dug my feet into the carpet, drawing us both to a halt, a move that caused him to turn to me with his brows dipped in surprise.

Ignoring the slight challenge I saw twinkling in his blue eyes, I pulled my hand from his, drew back my shoulders, and stared up at him.

‘I don’t want to sit in front of the fire. I want you to talk to me,’ I replied petulantly. Crossing my arms over my chest I sucked in a deep breath and decided to go a step further. ‘In fact, I don’t want you to talk to me. I want you to fuck me, but you don’t seem to want to touch me with a bloody bargepole.’

I didn’t swear a great deal, so my crude outburst caused Nathan’s blond eyebrows to rise into his hairline in a stunned look before his expression softened and he stepped towards me to pull me into his arms. Relaxing against him for a second I absorbed the familiar warmth and smell of his embrace with a small sigh.

Lowering his lips into my hair, he kissed my temple. Even this small movement sent hot tingles of lust shooting directly from my scalp to other, far lower parts of my body. ‘Stella, sweetheart, I’m trying to follow the doctor’s advice. He said to wait six months, so that’s what I’m doing.’

Pulling myself from him in frustration, I raised my head and glared at him. ‘He didn’t say that at all! He said it was a personal decision and some couples choose to wait as long as six months. That doesn’t mean we have to.’ The doctor had also said that some couples only waited a matter of weeks