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The Tao Te Ching is a spiritual, inspirational work that guides us through life, helping us to live within each moment and find the beauty that is all around each of us. Simple, beautiful, and life changing. The Tao Te Ching is fundamental to the Taoist school of Chinese philosophy (Dàojia), and strongly influenced other schools, such as Legalism and Neo-Confucianism. This ancient book is also central in Chinese Buddhism, which when first introduced into China was largely interpreted through the use of Taoist words and concepts. Many Chinese artists, including poets, painters, calligraphers, and even gardeners, have used the Tao Te Ching as a source of inspiration.
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Tao Te King - Walter Gorn-Old

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Tao Te King

By Lao Tse

Translated by Walter Gorn-Old

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The Tao that is the subject of discussion is not the true Tao.

The quality which can be named is not its true attribute.

That which was before Heaven and Earth is called the Non-Existent.

The Existent is the mother of all things.

Therefore doth the wise man seek after the first mystery of the Non-Existent, while seeing in that

which exists the Ultimates thereof.

The Non-Existent and Existent are identical in all but name.

This identity of apparent opposites I call the profound, the great deep, the open door of bewilderment.


When the world speaks of beauty as being beautiful, ugliness is at once defined.

When goodness is seen to be good, evil is at once apparent.

So do existence and non-existence mutually give rise to one another, as that which is difficult and that which is easy, distant and near, high and low, shrill and bass, preceding and following.

The Sage therefore is occupied only with that which is without prejudice.

He teaches without verbosity; he acts without effort; he produces with possessing, he acts without regard to the fruit of action; he brings his work to perfection without assuming credit; and claiming nothing as his own, he cannot at any time be said to lose.


Avoiding distinctions of merit among the people prevents jealousy.

Not setting a value on rare things prevents theft.

Not seeking the things of peace keeps the mind in peace.

Thus the Sage governs by ridding the heart of its desires; giving the stomach due satisfaction, by resting the muscles and strengthening the bones, by preserving the world from a knowledge of evil and hence from its desire, and by making those who have such knowledge afraid to use it.

He acts by non-action, and by this he governs all.


Tao is without limitation; its depth is the source of whatsoever is.

It makes