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"Oh my God!" Adama shrieked.

Kesim grinned and ducked his head between her bent knees once more hiding his face from her view. If she caught him smiling she’d give him the devil for certain. You’re almost there, darling. You’re doing fine. Just push hard on the next contraction.

Sarah swabbed her brow again and held her shoulders as the powerful contraction swept through her.


Dear God, are we done? Her words spiked through his head making him cringe with their intensity.

The head is clear, you’re nearly finished. Don’t push again until I say so.

Oh, thank the lord. She exhaled.

Kesim wiped the blood and mucus from his son’s mouth and nose and cradled the tiny head in the palm of his hand while he turned the baby’s body. Now one last push…

Adama pushed through the last contraction, and the child slipped from her body, screaming his way into the world. Kesim quickly swaddled his son and laid him upon his wife’s belly, tying off the cord before cutting it.

Adama held the child as large tears rolled down her cheeks. Hello, baby, I’ve been waiting to meet you, she whispered.

The baby screwed his tiny face into a bunch and sneezed, then yawned and settled himself as his mother laughed and cried at the same time.

Lady Sitia took the baby gently from Adama. I’ll get him cleaned up while Kesim finishes. She bent and kissed Adama’s cheek.

Kesim remained for a few more moments cleaning Adama then allowed Sarah to help get her comfortable. He made her a small drink of wine and herbs, then helped her sit up to drink it.

Lady Sitia returned with their child and carefully placed him in his father’s hands. What are you going to call this fine young man?

Kesim looked at Adama for a moment and then looked down into his son’s beautiful face. His name is Aren. Aren Sebastian Trasain.

Chapter 1

Sixteen Months Later

It was very late and Kesim had only just left Morgan, his steward and best friend, at his door and come to their bedroom. He thought she would be asleep, instead he found her waiting for him, dressed in a sheer ivory silk peignoir that clung lovingly to her luscious body. He’d been in the barn overseeing a foaling, one of his prize mares. Since their arrival home, he’d put in many long nights with the herd.

He was tired, and he smelled of horse, but wasn’t about to miss an opportunity such as this. All thoughts of sleep were set firmly aside as he let her pull him to their bed, already pushing his shirt from his shoulders. He pulled her with him as he sat heavily upon the bed kissing her. Adama broke the kiss and threw her head back, tossing her mane of coppery hair and baring her throat to Kesim’s hot mouth. He bit her lightly as he caressed her breasts and she gasped. Slowly he lay back as she bunched up her silk peignoir and straddled his body, gripping him tightly with her knees and thighs, rocking her pelvis and making a sweetly urgent moaning sound which only fanned the fire burning within him. She ran her hands up his chest through the thick hair that she so loved and lay atop his body.

He plunged his hands into her hair and pulled her head forward, capturing her mouth in a passionate kiss. He felt her hands stroking him, gently cupping him, tracing his inner thigh through his breeches with her nails, making him shudder. He broke the kiss and took a deep breath, opening his eyes to see her smiling mischievously down at him.

He grinned his remarkable grin then rolled her onto her back. You are very bad, he teased.

Mmmm, I agree, she said. I think I need to be punished. Do you have anything in mind? she asked him innocently, running a finger up his bare chest.

Adama, I have several things in mind. He sat back and looked her over. I only wonder… Could you tell if it was punishment or pleasure? He laughed. You like this game too much.

Try me, she said huskily.

Already extremely aroused, he sucked in a deep shuddering breath at her tone. As usual, she’d captured the undivided attention of his cock, which seemed to want nothing more than to burst through the buttons of his breeches and find its way between her thighs. He narrowed his eyes and nodded slowly. Stand up, he ordered.

She opened her eyes a little wider, surprised at his commanding tone. She was incredibly hot and curious as to what he had in mind. Slowly she climbed from the bed and stood beside it.

He got up and took her hand a little roughly, pulling her to the center of their room. Do you trust me? he asked.

Kesim, you know I do.

Yes or no will be sufficient.


Will you let me do as I please?

Kesim…. she began hesitantly.

Yes or no? he growled.

Y-es, she replied quietly.

If you become frightened or if you have pain, you will say ‘The game is over’ and I shall stop immediately. Agreed?

She wasn’t exactly sure what he was thinking, but she knew he wouldn’t hurt her. Pain? she questioned.

He looked at her stonily.


Once, when they had first been together, he told her sorcerers were much more passionate than normal mortals. She’d laughed then but he’d proven time and again that it was true. He was an unbelievable lover.

He walked around her and now stood directly behind her. Stepping forward he put his arm around her body, resting his hand lightly on her flat belly, running it seductively up and down the silk. She could feel his hard chest against her back.

Kesim had a way of speaking when they were intimate that gave her chills. The pitch of his voice, the tone, the words he used, all combined to thrill her. Sometimes during the day she would recall something he’d said to her while they made love, and her desire would be touched off once again.

He spoke to her that way now and she trembled. Raise your hands over your head. He moved before her, holding her sides lightly.

Slowly she drew her hands up over her head and held them together. She looked up into his eyes.

"Bindare," he whispered. Invisible bonds seemed to hold her from the high ceiling of their bedchamber. She felt drawn upward and had to stand on tiptoes.

A small surprised sound escaped her. Her face was at the level of his throat, and she realized a bit uneasily that she was completely helpless. She shuddered, swallowing hard.

If you feel the need to beg, please do, he said, releasing her with a low chuckle.

She swung slightly and gasped at the sensation. Kesim? she exclaimed in a high breathless voice.

He crossed their bedroom and sat on the bed. He unbuckled his boots then pulled them off, but left his breeches on. He let her hang for a moment, building the anticipation.

You are so lovely, he said finally.

She maneuvered herself around on her tiptoes to try and see where his voice came from, finally locating him on their bed.

I love having you at my mercy. He looked at her intently and she saw the little flash of mercury as his eyes picked up the dim light in the room.

A magical jolt, very much like the energy they made when they kissed, rocked through her body such as she’d never felt before. "Unnh," she moaned, as a wave of pleasure washed over her, bringing her to an orgasm immediately. Her head fell back, and her knees buckled dropping her slightly.

Her body shuddered and she swung on her bonds.

He swallowed hard. Seeing her react as she did was exquisitely exciting; he’d never attempted to do that to her before. His cock was now straining forcefully against his breeches, begging to be released from the uncomfortable confines, but he ignored it for the time being.

He got off the bed and walked around her, brushing her long hair from her face. Her eyes were closed and her lips were slightly parted as she breathed shallowly.

How was that? he asked low, taking her chin in his hand.

Oh… Kesim… she managed.

You will call me, ‘my lord’, he commanded, warming to his role.

Never... she breathed, playing the captive.

He smiled at her mock resistance. Did you enjoy that, beautiful one? He ran a hand along her body and she inhaled sharply. All of her nerves were firing, sending jolts of pleasure through her.

"Yessss," she whispered.

We’ve only begun. He growled softly as he took her mouth in a searing kiss, holding her head. When he released her mouth, he felt her flesh rise in goose bumps and he smiled.

The ribbons holding her peignoir were soon dispatched and she stood before him naked. He circled her like prey. Running a hand across her hot skin, stroking her, caressing. Finally he stood behind her once more, holding her body close to his, one hand splayed across her belly, the other caressing her.

She felt his mouth on her neck and she groaned. What do you want from me? she asked.

I want to enjoy the pleasures of your helpless body, he whispered dangerously. I want you to beg me for release.

Kesim proceeded to bring her to the edge again and again, refusing to allow her release, but teasing her to an incredible state of arousal.

He drew feathery fingers across her most intimate parts, making her shudder and moan, running his tongue around her breasts, pausing to nibble and lick her rigid nipples then continued down her torso, stroking her until she was trembling. He had often wondered if she would allow him to play this game of erotic torture with her, and her very obvious pleasure thrilled him.

Please, release me, she said weakly. He noted she had not used their safe words.

Leaning down over her shoulder he whispered in her ear, Are you tired?

Yes, she said.

Yes, what? he demanded.

Yes, my lord.

Do you thirst? he asked.

Yes…my lord, she replied.

Water or wine, lovely one?

Water, she said. My lord.

He brought her a cup of water and held it while she drank, then carried it back to the table. I see you’ve decided to cooperate, that is very good. I will reward you, he said as he returned.

She watched him come toward her and a brief flicker of genuine fear raced through her. He looked like a predator. Dangerous. Deadly.

He took her face in his hand, turned her roughly, and kissed her hard, moving his mouth lower to her neck and breast. He then circled behind her, pressing his body to hers. She could feel his arousal and trembled. His hands found her breasts and he caressed them gently, crushing the soft skin in his big hands, making her exhale in a long lustful sigh.

Finally unable to hold himself back any longer, and desperately desiring her soft heat wrapped around him, Kesim dropped his belts and then unbuttoned his flies, letting his pants slide down to the floor where he kicked them away.

Please… Will you let me go? she begged dramatically.

He moved around in front of her and lifted her, taking the pressure off her wrists for a moment. No. I don’t think I can do that.

Before she realized what he was doing, he pulled her legs around him then filled her with his enormous manhood in one quick movement. He covered her mouth tightly with his free hand, anticipating her reaction as he penetrated her body.

Her eyes squeezed shut as she inhaled sharply and her loud cry became a tiny muffled whimper. He gazed down at her and sent the thought, Are you all right?

She nodded slightly.

Holding her with one hand on the middle of her back, he uncovered her mouth. Quiet now, my pet.

She barely had time to lick her dry lips before he plundered her mouth with his, fencing with her tongue. She fought back and he could feel himself hardening even more. She groaned and locked her ankles around his waist. The last of the spell he’d cast upon her earlier was now wearing off.

Do you like this? he asked, fondling her breasts.


Good. He thrust hard.

He made love to her this way for a long time, balancing her on his powerful thighs, enjoying her soft moans, totally attuned to her body, waiting for her to climax. He felt it building as she rode upon him and finally she cried out in pleasure.

He took a handful of her magnificent hair, dragging her head back until she groaned. Shhh, my little captive, he soothed. Save your cries.

His warlock eyes gleamed and she realized what he meant to do.

No, Kesim! she whispered.

He grinned.

She saw his eyes flash and she was helpless to protect herself. She knew this would be huge—he had moved to support her, improving the grip he had by placing both of his big hands against her back.

Kesim… Please…

He sent her another powerful magical bolt while he was still within her.

It hit her like an earthquake. Rocking her body, knocking the breath from her, and making her feel as though she’d been set ablaze.

Oh! she cried. Her body arched into him and he caught her cries with his mouth. Tears of purest pleasure came from her eyes, and she gasped as wave after wave washed over her. She shook uncontrollably and still he held her, thrusting, forcing her further. If Adama was rendered totally helpless by his spell, Kesim fared not much better. Her powerful orgasm shocked him as well, pulling him into a spiral of incredible pleasure. He felt the powerful muscles of her channel clamp down upon him.

"Resolvo," he managed to gasp and her hands fell down. She made a surprised sound, unable to stop her descent. Kesim caught her neatly and went to his knees still firmly within her body, laying her upon the floor.

Oh my God! she cried, peaking again.

You will behave or I shall have to punish you again. Do you understand? His voice was ragged, harsh. He groaned as her body continued to spasm around him.

Oh, yes, she agreed weakly.

"Yes what?" he demanded loudly, grinding out the words.

Yes, my lord, she said, her voice low and sultry, not the voice of a woman subdued but the voice of a woman with power. She decided to test her own power upon him.

She stared into his silvery mercury gaze and concentrated, sending him a powerful jolt herself. Now come for me. Her words echoed softly through his mind, caressing him.

He inhaled sharply. Unable to hold back his own wave of passion any longer, he clenched his jaw and closed his eyes tightly then let go. He groaned softly as he reached his own peak and rested his head against her shoulder, at last drawing in a jagged breath. Her hands came up and caressed his head lovingly.

I love you, he breathed against her neck.

And I love you, she sighed.

He kissed her deeply and lifted her, placing her on their bed, then lay down facing her. Her eyes slipped shut and he felt her twitch occasionally.

Adama? He moved above her.

Mmmm… She was exhausted, but opened her eyes, a gleam of emerald fringed with long lashes.

The game is over, he said unnecessarily, dropping a soft kiss upon her nose.

She laughed quietly. He should have known she would never give in and end the game herself.

Kesim? Her hand came up and stroked his brow, and she kissed his lips.

Yes? He buried his face in her fragrant hair, inhaling deeply.

"You were right… I couldn’t tell if it was punishment or pleasure." Her lips curled into a playful smile, then, totally safe and protected in his embrace, she tumbled into a deep, satisfied sleep.

Dawn reflected against the mountain their bedchamber faced, bathing them in golden pink light. He smiled as he found sleep himself.

* * * *

A light tap on their door awakened Kesim a few hours later.

He looked at Adama to see if she was still asleep and she rolled over pulling the coverlet over her head. Sleeping… she mumbled.

He laughed quietly and got up, found his pants and pulled them on as he walked toward the door bare-chested.

Even if he hadn’t been able to mentally see who was there, he could tell by the meek tap that it was Anna. Everyone else in his household practically pounded the doors down. He tied his flies then said, Good morning, Anna, as he opened the door.

She stood looking up at him with her mouth open. Ah… she said and shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other.

Anna? he repeated.

Oh! Yes, Aren was asking for you and he was…um, crying and—

The little boy came screeching from the direction of the dining room, running as fast as his tiny feet would carry him. He ran full tilt into his father’s legs, and then fell onto his backside.

Ow, he said.

Kesim grinned down at his son. Can I help you, sir?

Papa! He jumped to his feet, hands up.

Kesim swept his son into his arms. Thank you, Anna. I’ll take him.

Shall I tell Mrs. Walker when you’ll be ready for breakfast? Her eyes devoured him greedily. He watched her gaze travel down his torso to his breeches which came to just under his navel.

Tell her we will be out in a little while. Adama is still sleeping.

Still? Anna said somewhat scornfully, then looked as though she was ashamed of her words.

Kesim didn’t miss the tone, however. Yes, we had a late night, Anna. He stepped back and closed the door softly, then shook his head. Adama was right. Anna was becoming a problem.

He set Aren down on the floor and he toddled over to their bed and began to scramble to the top. He boosted the boy up and lay down beside him, a barrier to his son falling off and hurting himself.


Good morning, darling, Adama said tiredly.

She had listened to the entire exchange between Kesim and Anna. Why didn’t you just tell her you were ravishing me and we didn’t get to sleep until dawn? she asked Kesim sleepily. Aren climbed over her and kissed her loudly, making her giggle.

You really are quite wicked, Kesim commented. Aren then leapt in the air and landed on Kesim’s hard belly with a squeal. Kesim said, Oof! and the boy laughed.

Would you like to punish me again? she asked low.

He looked at her and raised his eyebrows lewdly.

They laughed together and he reached over and caressed her face. Aren slid down the comforter to the floor and