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When The Mirror Breaks

Length: 131 pages3 hours


What if you attempted suicide but weren't sure if you had succeeded? What if you only had a week to live? What if you could murder a murderer? What if you could know the day you will die? What really happens when you make a wish? What if you had to break the law to save a sick child? When the Mirror Breaks is about thirteen unlucky people who suffer poor choices and bad luck because sometimes innocent bystanders walk a little too close to Hell. While some people present life through rose-colored glasses, Decker Schutt knocks them off your face and steps on them. CNN host Michael Smerconish called him a "genius." Others called him "inspiring." When the Mirror Breaks is like an icy, winter night when the wind finds a weak shutter and slams it against the side of the house. That's when it's time to worry.

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