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Minnie Oldcrow's marriage of one year to her true love, handsome, rugged John Epps, is tumultuous due to his disapproval of her inheritance spending. Minnie becomes pregnant, her last hope to love and be loved. Determined to mend her punctured heart, she enrolls in art classes and meets an attractive artist, Anthony Polecat, who falls deeply in love with her. Now she must choose between her fleeting husband, with whom she has nothing in common but passionate love-making, and her new lover who she shares the love of art.
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ISBN: 9781611606331
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Copyright Ó 2013 by Carmelia Clincy

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ISBN: 978-1-61160-633-1

Cover Artist: Harris Channing

Editor: Dave Field

Printed in the United States of America


To all discharged and currently serving probationers, parolees, inmates and convicts, especially women—the smallest demographic: you’ve given me so much. This is for you; this is your unsung song. Keep your head up—your face to the heavens.

Chapter 1

Minnie and John were sitting at their breakfast nook under dark clouds gathering momentum, threatening a storm.

You know what? I’ve had it. I can’t do this. John slammed a corner of toast to the table, violently scooted his chair back, then sprang up and began pacing.

Why does it always end up like this? Why are we constantly fighting? Minnie questioned herself, blinking back threatening tears. But, John, I love you. I want us to be a family, you know, with children and being there for them, like your mother and father were for y’all.

I want a family too, but, I don’t see how that’s gonna happen. As a matter of fact, you claim you want a family…

Oh, but I do, John.

…but I don’t really think you know what you want. I know it certainly isn’t me.

Yes, it’s you and your children, our children.

You just keep throwing your damn money in my face every chance you get, one way or the other.

What? That shut down Minnie’s tear threat.

What’s wrong with him?

Oh, so I’m throwing it in your face by helping family and friends. How’s that John? And anyway, I noticed you had nothing to say when I helped Mama to start her sewing business and very little to say when I helped Betty Lynn with her tuition, and you could have had your own auto-repair shop up and running.

Hell! I can get the shop my damn self. He became louder. I don’t need your damn money—and about my family, don’t you think I’d loved to have done that for my own mom and sister? How do you think I feel? What do you think I feel, huh, Minnie? John said, glaring at her.

I don’t know, Minnie said, glaring right back. It certainly isn’t gratitude, she retorted, enjoying the shot of sarcasm.

Hell no! It ain’t gratitude! It’s humiliation! It’s fucking humiliation! That’s what it is! I’m supposed to be the man of the house and ever since we’ve been married, I’ve watched you wear the pants.

Oh, my God! How can he even think that?

I feel like a damn gigolo.

A damn gigolo?

I can’t go on like this. You know, like I know, Sophie could have waited until she saved enough money for her damn store.

But John, she’s working two jobs, you know she’s only making minimum wage at both places. It takes both incomes for her and the girls to survive, even with the girls’ part-time jobs. There’s no money left to save. She needs help.

John stopped pacing and glared at Minnie. It took several seconds before his response showed up. Oh, so it wasn’t enough to set her up in an apartment. It wasn’t enough to buy her a car. So now you have to set her up in a business. You know what? I’m sick of this shit. Minnie, at what point do you allow her to help herself? When are you gonna draw a damn line?

Draw a damn line, there’s no need to draw a damn line. We’re talking about helping family and friends who’ve helped me. It’s like saying thank you for everything they’ve done for me. Why can’t you understand that? Mama Charlotte, Ms. Sophie helped me to get through my time. You don’t know what it’s like doing a lot of damn time. You only did a year. I did nine years, she lamented, her voice cracking. She struggled to swallow a lump. Nine long years with them, and you don’t know how good it made me feel to have those mother-figures there—

You’re goddamn right! I don’t! John bellowed, mumbled a string of obscenities, then charged out the door, slamming it so hard the frame vibrated. He screeched through all three gears by mid-block.

When the sound of the engine faded into the sound of wind pelting leaves on top of fallen leaves, Minnie turned her attention to herself. Nausea had returned; she felt like vomiting. She’d been doing a lot of that the past several weeks. For one thing, the honeymoon aura had completely vanished. It lasted in its fullest intensity approximately four months.

Shouldn’t I be happy, feeling loved? Is that too much to want? Aw hell, who am I fooling? I don’t even know what love is. How will I ever find it? How will I recognize it if I find it? Maybe I’d know if I hadn’t come from a family of alcoholic Creeks—Mama, Grandpa, and for a while, Grandma.

Minnie made it to her bathroom in time to relieve herself of her breakfast. The aroma of burning lavender oil drew her back to her bedroom and seduced her. She hugged herself, sought her chair and rocked. She learned that from Charlotte. It worked, rendering immediate tranquility. And it was the back and forth movement.

Minnie, too disgusted to cry, struggled with a lump that had established residency in her throat. She felt compelled to leave the house. And that’s what she did in her red ’97 Honda Accord, her first gift to herself, celebrating her discharge from prison.

That night Minnie attempted to wait up for John. She figured he’d be in by midnight. He had to work the following day. Minnie fought sleep until one in the morning and awakened about three, feeling for him. She awakened again about four-thirty and felt the warmth of his body. Chills rippled through her. She grinned and snuggled up to him; he extended his arm across her, and she returned to sleep. A couple of hours later, Minnie awakened again, possibly to John’s opening and closing dresser drawers, or splashing water in the washbowl or flushing the toilet. She lay still. Anger and disgust had replaced relief. She sulked a few minutes until guilt paid her a visit, forcing her up. She dragged herself to the kitchen. John, do you want your usual? she asked with a pleasant voice in place.

Nah, nah, I’m running late. I’ve already made coffee, and I’ll grab a couple of donuts on the way to the shop.

John left the house, not bothering to look in Minnie’s direction.

Oh, so it’s like that? Hmmph! What happened to our marriage? What happened to his vows to always love me. I love you, my pretty caramel pudding with a funny smile, and I’ll always love you in so many ways, he used to tell me.

Those precious words were etched in her mind—branded in her heart.

But what happened? Oh God, please tell me what happened? I know we married, and at first we were happy, so very happy even before our wedding. Maybe our marriage was bound to fail. Everything started off wrong that day—possibly an omen of what was to follow.

Her cake wasn’t ready on time for pick-up; only half of the ordered shrimp was delivered; John’s cousin, his attendant, got into an altercation with another guest; John’s niece, one of the flower girls, spilled hot chocolate on her orange dress minutes prior to the wedding march; the vocalist was late from being pulled over for speeding to the wedding. In spite of everything, Minnie was elated. John was at her side thrilling her with those eyes—those hazels that made everything all right.

Minnie felt a need to discuss her situation with her friend Mona. Mona, that fool supervisor of yours acted like he wasn’t gonna call you to the phone. I want you to come by the house when your shift is up.

Okay, but what’s up, Minnie?

"I, I just really need to talk. Call me when you’re on your way. It’s really important, all right?"

The anticipation of Mona’s visit was stifling: She couldn’t clean, she couldn’t cook, she couldn’t watch television, nor could she read. She sat by the phone and stared at the wall clock. Soon her stare penetrated the clock. Then the wall. And eventually another dimension.

When the phone rang three hours later, at first she didn’t hear it through the daze she’d fallen into. A few rings later she snatched up the receiver. Hello.

Minnie, I can't make it. Ricky’s in jail. He just called. He ran a red light and was stopped by the po-po. They ran a make on him and found some old traffic warrants. And they found a dime bag of weed in his car.

Aw hell.

And he wants me to pick up some money from a dude who owes him, to post his bail. So I gotta do that.

Minnie exhaled furiously. Mona, you’re gonna pick up some drug money? Mona, don’t you realize you’re jeopardizing your parole hanging around Ricky? Didn’t we do enough time already? You need to drop Ricky’s behind and find somebody who wants to do things the right way. You’re not doing yourself any good if you’re through dealing and still hanging with someone who’s still doing it. Mona, I can’t believe you.

Okay, all right, but it's just this one time. Just this one time. John’s discharged and turned his life around. So can Ricky—besides everybody isn’t as lucky as you. I gotta go.

Mona, it’s not like you think—

Oh yeah? Then tell me, how is it Minnie?

Minnie’s lips parted, but there were no befitting words, only a sigh showed up.

So, what did you want to talk about?

Nothing. Nothing really. Again she sighed. Just be careful. Minnie slowly hung up the receiver.

Anyway, I shouldn’t need someone to help me deal with my own husband.

When John came in from work, Minnie, clad in a red teddy, sashayed behind him to the recreation room that was actually a spacious living room in which John had installed an entertainment center along with two, long, burnt-orange sectionals on two opposing sides of the room. Minnie sat next to him; her hand lightly massaged his thigh and she temporarily lost herself in those hazels. You didn’t kiss me goodbye this morning.

John grinned and wiggled his eyebrows as his gaze caressed her body. You know what? I sure didn’t. He tenderly embraced her, kissed her, savored her tongue, her neck, then scooped her up and carried her to their bathroom. I need a shower, he said, turning on the water, and I need you in here with me. He peeled off his clothes with one hand and held onto her with the other.

But, John, Minnie whispered in his ear, I’ve already taken a shower. She noisily slurped it. Thoroughly enjoying her fetish for the ear, she blew a soft wind, chilling it. John leaned into the love assault and pulled a tie-string, releasing Minnie’s garment to the floor.

Heyyyy. John feasted his eyes on her small perky breasts, and petite curvaceous body—caramel candy—as if it were the first time, and began anointing her body with kisses and caresses. He then lay in the tub, pulling Minnie on top. He grasped her underarms and slid her body up and down, tantalizing her and himself. She grabbed for his love-rod as she called it, and he grinned and tantalized her more until he could no longer take it. He then rolled on top; her legs encircled him, offering him what he called his treasure-house. He entered and began rocking, caressing and squeezing her butt, igniting an explosion. Half-laughing and half-squealing, making unintelligible sounds only lovers understood, their rhythmic moans escalated to ecstatic gasps, shrieks, screams and then they began violently shuddering, reaching for the stars. Several seconds later they dropped back their heads. The water pummeled their faces, and they laughed and licked each other.

John, let’s not fight anymore. I love you so much, and we’re so good together, she murmured, her body still tingling.

You know what? I love you, too. You’re my life, and I don’t want to fight either. There’s nothing in the world that I enjoy more than being with you and making love. There’s nothing. He and Minnie cuddled under the waterfall.

Chapter 2

The first of December Minnie began searching and collecting recipes for Christmas dinner. They had celebrated Thanksgiving with Charlotte. This holiday Minnie wanted the family to eat at her home. After all, it was larger than Charlotte’s place. Plus, the family would be more comfortably seated. Although her huge dining room table dwarfed the room, there was still enough corner space for a small cedar. The gifts, purchased only for the children, lined the east wall.

She began her recipe search at Charlotte’s house. Mama, I was wondering if you would come over and help with the dinner.

Sure, Minnie, what were you planning to serve? Turkey and dressing, for sure.

Uh-huh, turkey and dressing, and uh, cranberries, potato salad…

And green beans, Charlotte added. John loves them so much.

Mm-hmmm, of course.

They were joined by Betty Lynn, a Charlotte-look-a-like, and Kay-Kay, a Charlotte-the-third-time-around. Hmmm, sounds like y’all are talking about Christmas dinner. She kissed her mother and Minnie. Aren’t you going to kiss Grandma and Aunt Minnie, Kay-Kay? Kay-Kay’s cheeks reddened. She dashed to her grandmother then Minnie, anointing their faces with wet kisses.

Thanks. Minnie tousled her ten-year-old niece’s locks and beamed at her, marveling over Kay-Kay, Betty Lynn and Charlotte being blonde and fair, and John and Billy Boy being tan with dark hair like their father—she was told—who had died long before Minnie and John met.

And I want some candied yams, Kay-Kay said, clapping her hands, with lots and lots of marshmallows on top. That’s gonna be good. She licked her lips.

Hold up! Hold up everybody! I need to write this down. Minnie found a pencil and pad to record her blossoming menu.

Billy Boy joined them with a request for olives. The black kind and be sure to have plenty. Last year I got none. Uncle Hinton’s two varmints wiped them out. I couldn’t believe it.

Now, Billy Boy, Charlotte chastened.

No, really, Mama, you just watch. They’re gonna try to do it again. Last year before we all sat down to eat, they’d grab them all. I witnessed them grabbing one every time they passed the table. We can’t let that happen again.

Now, son, who has time to stand guard over the relish tray?

Hey, me, I’ll take the time. I’ll do it.

Betty Lynn admonished her brother with a-you’ve-got-to-be-kidding glare. Tsk! And how is that going to look? A twenty-year-old man standing over the table guarding olives.

Minnie chuckled.

Kay-Kay eased next to her uncle and circled her arms around his waist. And I’m gonna help you, ’cause I want some olives, too.

All right, okay, I gotta backup. Billy Boy hugged and kissed the top of Kay-Kay’s head.

Charlotte shook her head.

Mama, should I call Aunt Martha and Uncle Hinton to be sure they’re eating with us? And what about Aunt Sue? Minnie asked. Should I call her?

Charlotte nodded. Yes, call Martha and Sue. Now Sue’s probably expecting us at her place. You know she was a bit upset because we ate over here Thanksgiving this year and Christmas last year. I don’t think she really understood what it meant for me to serve my family in my house after all those years in prison.

Nine years, Mama, nine years and one month and four days, Betty Lynn said, that’s how long you were gone.

Charlotte’s face sagged. She lowered her gaze to the floor. Betty Lynn immediately hugged her mother. Besides, Aunt Sue’s turkey is always dry and her dressing is always bland. Mama, we really, really missed you and your cooking.

Charlotte returned the hug. Well, actually I don’t understand because we were both taught by our mother who was the best cook in the community. Everybody said so.

Billy Boy laughed. Well, understand this, Mama, your sister, Aunt Sue, can’t cook. He hugged his mother and then hugged Minnie. Now, sis, I don’t want to hurt your feelings or anything, but let Mama do the cooking, okay? He kissed her cheek. I still love ya, tho.

Aaaayyy. Minnie grinned at Billy Boy, You and me are on the same page. Don’t you worry. Don’t you worry.

Charlotte shot a disapproving glance at Billy Boy. Minnie sat back and observed her new family as they continued their antics.

This is happiness. This is what I missed growing up. But I have it now, so this makes up for all the bad times. Well, I did have a few happy times, Grandpa pushing us around in a go-cart in the summer and a sled in the winter. Oh yeah, and dewberry and blackberry picking with Grandma—eating berries until we were full before filling our buckets, our lips and finger tips, purple. But it was nothing like this. This is different. This is total family happiness that I’m a part of, and when we have children, I’ll be even happier.

Minnie had returned home by the time John came in from work. She was sorting through a box of loose-leaf recipes she’d collected from Charlotte. He planted a kiss on her mouth, her cheek, her neck and nibbled her tit through her blouse. Thrills erupted through her as he worked his way down, but Minnie pushed him away. She had a menu to plan for a grand occasion.

After calming her libido, she asked, John, is there anything special that you want to eat Christmas?

Uh, yeah, you. John wiggled his eyebrows, and attempted to embrace her again, and again her hand impeded his attack. Uh, I don’t want nothing special, but I sure want some of that chili simmering over there. I smelled it as soon as I drove up. Mrs. Epps, you can really make good chili.

Minnie grinned.

Almost as good as mine, John continued, chuckling and side-glancing her.

Minnie threw a piece of cardboard at his head.

Whoa! John ducked and then picked it up. Hey! This is a green bean and almond casserole recipe. Woman, you know I love green beans and I like almonds. You might want to try this. He handed it to her.

Maybe. Minnie laid the recipe on the table. I’ll talk with Mama and see what she says.

What does Mom have to do with it?

Uh, like, she’s the head chef. I didn’t tell you, but Mama’s coming over Christmas Eve to help me with the dinner. So everything is gonna be perfect. Minnie got up and hugged and kissed John. He lifted her eye-level and swung her around. Minnie, laughing, wiggled down and returned to her recipe search. John left to shower.

* * * *

When John awakened about seven-fifty on Saturday morning Minnie was already up and in the kitchen talking on the telephone.

No, no, Aunt Sue, it’s—

Aunt Sue? a nude John whispered, then approached Minnie. What does she want so early in the morning? Hang up the phone. I want you, woman, I gotta have you, now. He embraced her.

Ever since Charlotte’s been out, it seems like I’ve just been pushed aside. I feel like a nobody, like I’m no longer a part of the family.

It’s not like that— Minnie muffled a giggle. John had just licked and nibbled her ear lobe.

Again he whispered, What the hell… Minnie covered the receiver, …does she want? He nuzzled Minnie’s neck. He fondled a nipple. Minnie flinched, her body quivered from the onset of chills.

Is this Martha’s idea not wanting the dinner at my place? You know she never did care for me much. She always thought I wanted Hinton. God knows he’s a good-looking man, but I’m a Christian woman, and it was a downright insult for her to accuse me of lusting for her husband.

Minnie flicked her glance to the ceiling. Um, no, it’s my idea, John’s and mine. She was squirming and struggling to control the heated aches and thrills John’s bites and licks and squeezes were generating. We just want to have everybody here. You know, it’ll be our first Christmas family dinner in our home, sort of like a house warming.

Well, didn’t you have family over after your honeymoon?

Again Minnie flinched from a tit bite. Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, but that wasn’t the same; besides, everyone didn’t come. You didn’t. Minnie was being disrobed and didn’t fully realize it until she happened to glance down and saw her red silk-nightie sprawled around her feet. She grinned. Then John went wild, fiercely caressing her body and squeezing her tits, his love-rod poking and heating up her groin, stimulating a pulse between her legs. Minnie wrestled to muffle her gasps.

Well, maybe everyone will be better off if I don’t come Christmas.

Muffling giggles and gasps Minnie managed to maintain a sober voice. Aunt Sue…please come…and please bring a dish…or a dessert.

John gestured for Minnie to hang up. Hang up the phone! he whispered irately. Again Minnie covered the receiver. She searched his face for some understanding and raised a hand. John nibbled her fingers. He then tongued her palm. Quivers shot up her arm.

"We love you, and we want you to be with us, okay Aunt Sue?

Well, all right, ’bye.

With Minnie still in his embrace John attempted to take her standing up. And what the hell was that all about? You know she was a thorn when Mom was in prison and nothing has changed.

Minnie, shivering from the love assaults, hugged her husband, pressed her body into his love rod and followed his gyrating lead. Aunt Sue wants to serve Christmas dinner at her house.

Well, that’s too bad. John, breathing hard, cupped Minnie’s face and deeply tongued her mouth, his love-rod generated aches and thrills, and she attempted to raise her burning groin for him to enter—to quell fires, but his towering height made it impossible. She gasped. Again he attempted to enter. Again Minnie gasped. She returned a deep kiss and again gyrated her hot aching groin around his love-rod, then again attempted to climb on, and again fell short, way short. She was driving herself delirious.

John kissed and nibbled both breasts and then grabbed her buttocks, and lifted up his shivering, lust-spastic wife. Minnie swung her legs around him and he slipped inside his treasure house and began walking, locked into her, and she clung onto him, both of them moaning and groaning. He made his