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Gage is looking forward to a well-deserved vacation after a year spent hard at work on Planet Glazex. She meets Dane in a bar and the pair returns to her apartment. There, she discovers that Dane works for her company's opposition. Gage is a developer for X-RT and Dane, an environmentalist, but despite being enemies, the pair becomes intimate. In the morning Gage wakes from a drug-induced sleep and finds herself on board a spaceship heading for Planet Aerde. Planet Aerde is next on X-RT's agenda for development, and Dane is determined to stop the devastation by any means necessary.
Published: Torrid Books on
ISBN: 9781611604344
List price: $2.99
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Divisive Dome - Juliet Cardin

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Chapter 1

I admit he was pretty cute for an alien. In a sexy, green, exotic kinda way. Not my usual cup of tea, but this was crunch weekend. I couldn’t afford to be picky. Three glorious days I’d been granted from my high-tech, never-get-a-break job. My first vacation in a whole Glazex zon—or one Earth year—and I intended to take full advantage.

My gaze roamed the bar where a herd of easy prey congregated around the watering hole. That’s where the green dude was, along with a smorgasbord of other available colorful males—white, black, orange, purple. The pink guy was decent, but a little girlie for my liking. I wanted a man, or at least something resembling a man.

The domes had shut down for the evening, locking us inhabitants inside, so the indoor nightlife was hopping. Plenty of horny guys to choose from. I just needed to pick someone who’d be up for a night of sex, no strings attached. I didn’t need the complications of a relationship. Maybe in four or five years when my career was more settled. And preferably after I’d been transferred to a different planet. It wasn’t that Glazex was all that bad. It wasn’t. Just too different from my home planet, Earth.

Hey, pretty lady, what’s your poison?

Poison? The voice, coming from off to my right, caught my attention. I couldn’t see anyone—until I looked down and saw a little, muscular, furry guy with a hopeful expression on his face. Oh boy, did I seem that desperate? He was pointing to my drink and before he could ask if I wanted a refill I peered across the dimly lit room and smiled