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I love having adventurous sex with my college roommate, Brett, and I've always adored the occasional three-ways including his boyfriend, Dylan. So, I assumed that things would only get better when we left the dorm to move in with Dylan for the summer. Brett's cum-whore lifestyle is getting out of hand, though, and I can't help but notice my feelings for his boyfriend are changing, too.
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Outgrowing Brett - Keegan Mitchell Finn

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Keegan Mitchell Finn


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ISBN: 978-1-61160-782-6

Cover Artist: Vinessa Riley

Editor: Fran Mathieson

Printed in the United States of America

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Waking Up With Brett


I woke up with my roommate’s mouth on my dick again. It didn’t shock me because we do this kind of thing all the time, but as usual I had to stop him because I always really have to piss when I first wake up. When I returned from our bathroom he was sitting on the twin bed on my side of the small dorm room, waiting for me, and as I watched him take my hard cock back into his mouth it occurred to me that my life is singularly awesome.

The first time this happened was over six months ago, now, and it was quite a surprise, that time. I mean, I knew my roommate, Brett, was gay; I just didn’t know I was. I caught on to that fact pretty quickly, though, because I enjoyed screwing around with him way more than with the girlfriend I had at the time, and since then my sophomore year has been like a dream, actually. Like a long wet dream.

Brett has a boyfriend and the guy is totally cool. When he found out Brett was cheating on him he was pissed, initially, but then when he discovered it was me he was kind of okay with it and we even participate in three-ways, all of us together. He’s incredibly good-looking, Dylan is, to the point where sometimes I feel kind of confused. I didn’t really understand that I was gay, at first, even after Brett and I graduated to anal. For the first few months, I thought of myself as a straight guy who just enjoyed getting off with a convenient male, but then Dylan came along and my emotions got all stirred up.

That all started when I walked in once and there he was, standing there gloriously naked and pumping into Brett’s ass. Brett invited me to join in and boy was that amazing (especially when it became a fairly regular thing) but then I started sometimes feeling jealous of Dylan – as in, it bothered me how affectionate he was toward Brett. It even bugged me that he was so ripped, like his bulging biceps sort of irritated me. The reason that’s confusing is because now Dylan’s built body and sexy face excite me so much I sometimes feel guilty about it when the three of us are fucking and sucking each other. I mean, he belongs to Brett, after all, and so even though I’m weirdly envious of both those guys, I don’t want either of them ever to know it. I’d hate to interfere with them because, honestly, those guys have become my two best friends.

Anyway, all this passionate angst soon convinced me completely that I’m a full-blown gay guy and I’ve embraced that, truly, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t nervous when Brett explained the details of Dylan’s fraternity’s annual fundraiser. A guy from the one of the competing frats babysits us all night, he explained, after I’d shot my warm load down his tight throat, to ensure there’s no masturbation or sex.

I’m not comfortable with this, dude, I complained, watching Brett head into the shower, but Dylan had already registered us as participants, which was expensive, apparently. Brett already knew all about it because Dylan had participated twice as a contestant, but I didn’t hang out with any fraternity guys until Brett started letting me in on doing the dirty with Dylan, sometimes, so this was all new to me.

You’re amazing for a sophomore, Dylan complimented me later that afternoon, while I was fucking Brett. He was lying down when he said it, watching me while Brett deep-throated his cock and it surprised me he could even talk, but except for his breathing pretty fast, it was like he was engaging in a normal conversation. You can last as long as you want to, practically, he nodded at me, approvingly, but that was only true because there was an unspoken agreement about ejaculating in Brett, and when Dylan was involved it was only he who did that. To be honest, I often pretend