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Kelly White is a successful business woman with a high pressure job and little time for love. That is until one night when she accompanies some friends to a local male strip club. Pressed to leave early for a morning meeting, Kelly comes across a strange amulet in the parking lot and decides to keep it. Fortunately for her, it brings with it a hot and lusty lover she never could have imagined but desperately needs. Baal is an exotic male dancer with a mysterious and sexy secret. He's a half demon and he's lost the only thing that keeps his darker passions at bay. If he doesn't get it back soon, whoever has it is in for a very big surprise.
Published: Torrid Books on
ISBN: 9781603130066
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Incubus Nights - Michelle Marquis

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Chapter 1

When Baal first saw her from backstage, she was sitting at a table near the front with her friends. The first thing that struck him was how stunning she was. She wasn’t a small woman, with her large, full breasts, medium frame and shapely hips, but she was certainly the sexiest one he’d seen in months. He loved the deep, rich color of her brown hair and the careless way it fell around her face and neck. She was dressed in a grey business suit; a professional woman, his favorite. These kinds of women, who looked like they had their lives all together, were his preferred seduction. They always had sexy secrets—long denied desires their conservative lives had never explored.

What secrets do you hide, my lovely? Do you wonder what it would be like to have two men at once... A demon lover, perhaps? Do you wonder what it would be like to have one man take your sweet pussy and another your hungry ass? Do you secretly long for the sinful, wanton kiss of an incubus? I can show you these things, my lovely, and so much more. I can show you a world of pleasure you’ve only experienced in your hottest dreams.

Baal closed his eyes and imagined her luscious body sweating beneath him. He imagined himself encased in her liquid heat, spellbound by her lust. The images of her naked, tortured body tumbled through his mind, firing his cock and making it ache. Opening his eyes, he took a deep, cleansing breath and thought of the amulet on his chest. Thank goodness he had it. It was the only thing that kept his demon blood at bay, kept it from taking over completely. He stared back out at his brunette and smiled. If she was still here after his gig, he’d have to make his way over and get to know her.

* * * *

The Apache dancer was tan, muscular and beautifully hung. He was dancing only inches from her, his long powerful body twisting and swaying to the loud rock music. Kelly White grinned at him and stuffed a five dollar bill into his g-string. A few drops of sweat fell on to her skin. Her cheeks felt hot and her cunt throbbed deliciously. Smiling, he rolled his hips in time to the music, small rivulets of sweat running down his face and chest. Although Kelly found him attractive, he really wasn’t her type. Too skinny. He winked at her for the tip, danced a few more minutes, then gracefully stalked back to the stage.

The crowd of horny women behind her screamed with approval.

Kelly shook her head smiling, and glanced at her watch. It was almost midnight. Picking her purse up off the floor, she placed it on her lap keeping it out of view. Looking across the table, she watched the girls. Brenda, her best friend, sat across from her drinking straight vodka and tossing her bleach blonde hair back and forth in time to the music. Her pink lipstick was smudged from too many male stripper kisses.

Brenda was the first of Kelly’s friends to get married and at a very young age—so Kelly thought—thirty-one. Now, two years into her friend’s new marriage, Kelly could see the disillusionment showing on Brenda. It wasn’t anything she could definitely point to, but there were signs, like how she’d begun to neglect her hair and nails. She used to be so meticulous with both, but now more and more time passed between visits to the salon. Was that due to anger with Steve her husband, or was it just a result of finally getting what Brenda had wanted? Kelly didn’t know.

Penny, Kelly’s friend from work, was an attractive, petite brunette who was usually very mild-mannered. Not tonight though. Once Penny had a few drinks in her, she’d groped every dancer she could get her hands on. When Brenda and Kelly told her to calm down, she’d shouted, You only live once, you know! and ordered a few more drinks.

Kelly wondered if she was being unfair to Brenda about her marriage. Maybe she was just jealous. What about me? Don’t I want to get married some day? That was a hard question to answer. She definitely wanted to marry, but certainly not just for the sake of it. Nothing was sadder, in her experience, than someone who had married for the wrong reason. She was starting to think she’d end up an old maid, just like her aunt Sarah. I need to get out of here; this place is starting to depress me.

Kelly sighed. She knew the girls would be mad about her leaving, but she had an important meeting tomorrow and needed to get some sleep. Looking around the table, she rehearsed a few excuses in her head. Her friends wouldn’t believe them, of course. They always teased her on how driven she was.

Kelly leaned across the table so she could be heard over the music. I have to go! she shouted.

Brenda’s mouth dropped open. What? Kelly, we just got here!

Kelly slowly