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Independent and spirited, Commander Astéri Polemisti has had her fair share of hard knocks due to her shifting abilities. Although shifters are considered special on Capius, Astéri was dealt a different hand and exiled from her parents' home the moment she could shift into any animal she wanted. While she's on the pleasure planet, Balessia, for some R&R she meets Zennu Warrior, Tydenn Kerrolz, which makes her stay more desirable than she could have imagined. Tydenn knew the moment he met her that he wanted Astéri for his own. Yet the politics of being a crowned prince could hinder his wants over the needs of his people. When his transport is downed from sabotage and Astéri is the Commander in charge of the rescue squad, they both have secrets revealed. But can they make it out alive when her team turns out to be in on the assassination plot from the beginning?
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ISBN: 9781681461298
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Astéri – The Commander - C.A. Salo

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Chapter 1

Astéri’s eye twitched as shade drew over her like an umbrella. I know you’re not blocking out my sun on purpose.


Hmmm, nice voice. The inner muscles of her pussy twitched as the male stepped to the side, allowing the Balessian sun to stream down on her once again. You’re staying because?

We need to talk.

Say that to all the naked women on Balessia, or is it just me?



Because of what you do, who you are.

Astéri smiled. Well, I am a long way from the fourth sector and this is the desert, not forest terrain. So if you need help, I suggest you call for an enforcement specialist. His chuckle caused her clit to pulse and used all her will power to stop from lifting her leg to apply pressure on the little nub. Then her nose twitched from a distinct scent. Ah, you’re running from the woman following you. Astéri grinned as the timer went off and she rolled to lay on her stomach, sighing as the Balessian sun warmed her backside.

How astute of you, madam.

So what’s in it for me? Now why in the hell had she said that? Males were on the top of her stay-away list at the moment.

Two-thousand Dias added to your account here.

Astéri chuckled. He wants to buy me, friggin’ males. Pass.


The surprise in his tone had her chuckling again. Currency does nothing for me. I’m here for fun in the sun, relaxation and whatever else I can come up with, and I have the funds to do it all on my own. So you better think of something else, handsome, because I’m out of here in one minute.

Dinner then?


And anything we can come up with afterward. But you may want to wait and see me before you commit, in case I’m not to your liking."

Astéri smiled. He knew she couldn’t open her eyes and bare them to the Balessian sun unless she wanted them burned. But what he didn’t know was that she’d already scented him as a Zennuian, and those muscled warriors made her blood heat. She loved an aggressive male. So, why isn’t the woman watching us to your taste?

I don’t trust her, she’s been following me since I walked out of my chambers this morn.

Maybe she just wants to say hi.

I don’t think so.

Astéri frowned at his tone. Then notify an enforcement specialist.

They can be cruel.

That’s something I never thought I’d hear a Zennuian Warrior say.

You know I’m from Zennu?

Astéri grinned as her timer went off. Shade up. Rolling to her back as a canopy came over them, she opened her eyes. I scented you the moment you walked up.

Tydenn’s brows drew together. Then you are no ordinary Capian female.

Never. Her nose scrunched up with her smile. Sitting, she noticed his gaze follow her breasts that were naked except for the nipple coverings and grabbed her flowing sheer robe.

Don’t cover up on my account.

Your name?


Tydenn, I like that. I’m Astéri Polemisti, but somehow I think you already knew that when you walked up.

Tydenn smiled as he met her gaze. You are correct.

Her breath hitched at his smile. His features were strong and muscular a good match for his well-developed body, a body she could have fun playing with while here. Alright, Tydenn from Zennu, dinner it is.

Excellent. He offered his hand, palm up.

Astéri set her fingers on his, rising when he lifted them a little, her ears perked when the other female moved closer, liking that Tydenn had noticed as well.

Well, my sweet, I have a meeting to attend. If I’m not back in the chambers by the evening bell, I’ll meet you in the lobby.

Sounds like a plan.

Any place interesting catch your eye for dinner tonight? he asked as he lifted the hood to her robe over her head. While the fabric was sheer and hid nothing, it blocked out the harsh rays of the Balessian sun.

I hear there’s an establishment owned by the Pilthrops that is rather quite good.

So she wasn’t going to let him get away with this with little expense. Tydenn grinned as he turned to face her, he liked a sharp mind. Correct, I’ll have the reservation made, in the meantime enjoy your day of pampering, sweet.

Oh, I plan on it. Lifting up on her toes, Astéri brushed her lips against his, thrilled with their softness. The irises of his gold eyes enlarged and her breath quickened with the touch of his tongue tracing her lower lip.

Tonight, no nipple coverings or seamless panties, I want to see all of you.

Her brow lifted and her pussy clenched with the hoarse command in his voice. Astéri’s eyes fluttered, a moan escaping as he bit her lower lip. Her pussy was wet and wanting, something that had not happened in a long time. Anticipation makes it better.

Tydenn gripped her ass, yanking her hard against his body. Astéri tilted her head to allow him access. His lips trailed her neck, and her breath caught as she held in the tremor his caresses evoked.

We shall see, my sweet. Moving his hand between them, Tydenn removed the pantie like item covering her pussy, the telltale ‘pop’ let him know she’d had the small dildo inside her to keep it in place, for the only other piece to it was the fabric that sat covering her anal star and the small crack of her ass.

Astéri groaned, her fingers clenching his shirt. You know, I must insist on dinner first.

Tydenn chuckled. We’re on the pleasure planet for one thing, sweet—pleasure. Moving the dildo back into her he moved it several times, his cock hardening with her catch of breath and passion-filled eyes.

True, but I’m not easy.

If you were, I never would have approached you. He whispered in her ear, his teeth nipping the lobe.

Somehow I don’t think you’re an ordinary Zennuian.

You have wit; I like that.

Astéri was glad he had hold of her as he moved away, leading them back to the covering of the guesthouse, because her damn legs were having the hardest time standing on their own at the moment.

Smiling when he looked down at her, Astéri came alert when a man approached to his left.

He’s with me. Tydenn said.

Her eyes narrowed when he switched to his native tongue, speaking with the man. She noticed the royal insignia on the other’s