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Lucien’s Punishment

Lie still, Lucien, Liliana whispered into her lover’s ear. Allow me to pleasure you first.

The big, blond vampire had the most delicious body; thickly muscled and taut. He wore a tight pair of jeans outlining the bulging muscles of his thighs and his huge penis. His crisp, white shirt was open, revealing a vast expanse of chest covered with light blond hair. The trail of fur led across washboard abs, circled an inny bellybutton, and disappeared in a mysterious trail under his jeans.

Lucien Pendragon pushed her off and slid out of bed. What is it I find so attractive about you, Lily? You’re not classically beautiful. Your breasts are too small and your sex hairless. Yet, I find I cannot resist you.

Liliana fell back on pillows piled high against the padded headboard of her king-sized bed. Modern mortals had so many wonderful inventions. The beds were soft, the chairs reclined with the push of a lever, and hot water flowed endlessly from a tap in her garden-sized tub. You can’t resist me, Lucien, because you love me.

Love, Lucien sneered. Love is for the cattle we vampires feed upon.

But I am not a vampire, darling. Come to bed.

Lucien paced back and forth across her bedroom floor. He moved so quickly, a mortal would not have seen him at all. But Lily saw him quite clearly. She was an elf, and elves and vampires had hated each other through all eternity. Each race usually lived their immortal lives separate from each other. Elves assiduously avoided vampires. But Lily was here for a purpose. She’d tracked Lucien through three centuries and across four continents to exact her revenge.

Lucien stopped pacing and Lily’s heart jumped. He leaped on the bed, took her in his arms and buried his face in her waist-length black hair.

You always smell of flowers, he said, as he moved his hand between her legs, urging them open. Will you let me feed?

This was the one thing Lily feared most. If Lucien fed off her, he would know her for elven and try to kill her immediately. The taste of elf blood was so foul to vampires, it made them vomit.

So far, she had prevented him from biting her by pleading fear. He thought her a trembling human female full of terror. This excited him, elevating his pleasure with anticipation of the final act. Each time they were together, it grew harder to stop him. Eventually, he would lose control and take her. Timing in this little game was everything.

She allowed him to kiss her, opening her mouth to his even though his breath offended her. Elves never ate meat and vampire breath smelled of blood. His lips were soft and cool on hers as he traced her labia with one big finger. He opened her sex and she relaxed, enjoying the artistry he employed to stimulate her.

I love your nipples, Lucien whispered. They are so soft and puffy. He tugged at them and suckled until each coral point lengthened and became erect. Then he pinched them hard.

Lily winced, but the pain was so pleasurable. When he pinched her nipples, she felt her clitoris swell and throb. She wanted him to fill her with his huge dick, ached for the feeling, but knew it was too soon.

She pushed him away and slid off the bed, her heart still pounding with excitement and fear, her body still tense and aroused. Outside her home in the canyons of North Hollywood, she’d heard a car pull up. It was her lover, Sylvianna.

Darling, I have a surprise for you, a gift, she called over her shoulder as she walked naked into the living room.

Lucien sat up. What? he growled. All I ask for is you and a taste of your blood.

I know, Liliana gushed. But why settle for only me, when you can have so much more?

Before Syl could knock, Lily threw open the front door and drew her into the living room. Syl was tall, even for an elf woman, with long red hair, white skin, and green eyes. Lily and Syl were as one in their hatred for Lucien and their desire for revenge. Each had a separate reason, their union formed out of a mutual desire to right ancient wrongs.

Syl started to speak and Lily hushed her with a kiss while she pointed to the open door of the bedroom, and then she took Syl’s hand and led her through the bedroom door.

See, my darling, a gift. Not just one to love, but two.

Lucien’s eyes glistened with desire. Syl was more beautiful than any mortal. If the vampire hadn’t been overwhelmed by lust, he surely would have noticed she was a supernatural. Syl’s skin was flawless and she glowed with pearly luminescence, not to mention beneath her lustrous auburn hair, her ears were very pointed.

When Lily pushed her lover’s blouse off and unhooked her bra, bountiful milk-white breasts leaped into view, their rosy nipples thick and long. Tiny blue veins traced the swollen globes that stood straight out all on their own. Lucien grunted with appreciation.

Lily rushed to pull Syl’s skirt off, dropping it into a puddle around her feet. She turned her head to gage Lucien’s reaction and smiled.