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Desires - we all have them but what happens when they are one person's wishes for the one they love? Penelope leads a comfortable yet unfulfilled life until she meets a truly unique couple in Niagara Falls. Layla meets a gorgeous guy who has a unique relationship with his business partner. Will life changing events get in their way? Desires - we all have them - what are yours? Desires features two stories from the queen of erotic romance, Cristy Poff, "Desire Under The Falls" and "Desire In The Snow."
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ISBN: 9781603133036
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Desires - Christy Poff

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Desire Under the Falls


Christy Poff


I think it will work.

But are you absolutely sure about this?

You told me you would give me anything I wanted and we’ve tried everything else. Yes, I’m positive this is what I want.

But how will we go about finding the right person to go along with this? Not everyone is as free spirited as we are when it comes to...

Leave it to me.

The man paused, knowing it could happen and easily if she set her mind to the task.

True, you’ve always had good instincts when it came to people and how to deal with them.

Samantha Reece smiled. No truer words had ever been spoken—she had always been an excellent judge of people and this time would be no different.


When the right person comes along, I’ll know, she told him. Until then, I want nothing between us.

Her lover groaned, his cock at full attention. Thorne pulled Sam close, taking her mouth as roughly as he wanted to thrust his hard shaft into her gorgeously hot body.

And if I’m not sure? he asked, his breathing quicker with anticipation. I’m afraid of losing you.

You will be and you won’t—I promise. Trust me, I know what I’m doing.

I hope so, he whispered, lifting her up and carrying her to the sofa. He laid her back, slowly stripping her clothes off while feathering kisses over her skin. She wore nothing underneath her clothes, in love with the erotic feelings of seams scraping over her sensitive skin.

Mmmm... she almost purred.

You are so ready for me.

Always, Thorne, she said seconds before his tongue entered her core.

Thorne could do things with his tongue—his entire body for that matter—no other man had ever done to her. He’d send her to erotic heights and hold her there for what felt like an eternity before doing it again. She gasped, Thorne finding another new spot to send her spiraling upward before he thrust his magnificent hardness into her as hard as he could.

His mere power sent her reeling and she found once she’d had him, she never wanted any other man. But this new idea—she knew it would never take away from his magic. In her mind, it would only enhance it.

My God, Thorne! she screamed.

While he tongue fucked her, his fingers played with her clit and her anus—both sensations sending her over the edge. She clenched her fists on the edge of the cushion, her body writhing to his command. When he took her to another amazing climax, she grabbed her breasts and squeezed, her body crying out for more. Tugging her nipple rings sent shocks through her, her body bucking.

A few moments later, he pulled back gazing at her while she reacted to pure ecstasy. He ran his hands along her body before barely touching her clit, her body jolting once more.


Thorne? she asked, her body calming while remnants of the orgasm rippled through her.

I love you.

I love you, too.

Thorne held her on a pinnacle between ecstasy and passing out. Again he brought her to climax and when she called his name, he laid his cock on her lips and she furiously took him. He cried out her name when he came, filling her mouth with his hot essence while she drenched him with hers. His life couldn’t be any more perfect than this—or could it?

* * * *

Several weeks went by before Sam found the perfect person to share her fantasy with. They’d gone to several restaurants, Sam searching for one particular type of woman. They went into one of their favorites near Niagara Falls, taking seats at the bar.

Always a people watcher, Sam looked around and grinned.

I’ve found her.


The perfect person for...

Are you serious? I’d thought you’d given up on the search.

Are you kidding?


Look over at the table by the window.

You mean the brunette looking at the photos?

Yes, Sam said, grinning. And if she doesn’t work out, I’ll offer her a job. I’m always looking for photographers and layout artists.

You never cease to amaze me.

Hold that thought. If things work out, we can go home and fuck around for the rest of the afternoon.

You say the most arousing things, he said, then kissed her neck.

She laughed, his breath tickling her.

Keep that up and it’ll take me longer to get you home.

Go, but I think she’ll say no.

Maybe, but it’s all in the delivery of the question.

Thorne watched Sam go into action. She walked toward her target and glanced at what the woman concentrated on then turned to him and nodded. When she stopped at the table and went into action, Thorne loved her more.

My God, Sam...

Chapter 1

Penelope Donatello sat in her favorite restaurant going over shots to complete a layout accompanying an upcoming article in a local travel magazine. Set to promote the area, she thought her shots would enhance the piece while showing what Niagara Falls and the surrounding areas had to offer.

A waitress served her lunch, Penelope thanking her.

Those are beautiful, Candy said. I wish I had that kind of talent.

Thank you, Penelope said. I’m using them for the Chamber of Commerce brochure.

How long have you been a photographer?

For almost five years. I used to model until I caught the industry hint about not being able to use me because I was a little too curvy.

That’s a shame but I think you’ve found your calling.

I hope so. I’ve made a good living at it but, like anyone else in my profession, I want the one shot that will take care of me for the rest of my days.

I think you’ve got it in one of those pictures. If they don’t entice visitors to the area, I don’t know what will.

You are way too kind.

No, I know what I like.

Candy left her alone when another customer signaled for a coffee refill. Penelope ate her lunch, trying to decide what photos she wanted to use. A shadow cast itself over her and she looked up at a beautiful blonde who had amazing features.

The waitress mentioned your beautiful pictures.

And? Penelope answered, a hint of suspicion in her voice.

I have to agree with her. You have beautiful angles. I especially like this one, the other woman said, her exotically long finger pointing at one of a shirtless construction worker.

That one shouldn’t be in there, Penelope said, trying to slide it under some others only the other woman wouldn’t allow her to. She felt her face redden with embarrassment at being caught with one of her fantasy shots.

Oh? Why?

I took it for myself.

It’s perfect...

Penelope Donatello.

Samantha Reece—Sam to my friends. May I?

Please, Penelope said, moving the pictures out of her guest’s way. She looked at the woman who exuded confidence and class though Penelope felt strange sensations running through her.

I’m the editor of a magazine and I’d like to see your work on the pages—both in front of and behind the camera.

You can tell from a...

I’m a good judge of talent when it comes to photography. I want you.

But you...

Have you modeled?

For a while until I got a little too curvy for the clients’ taste. When I saw matchsticks getting the high-profile accounts I had, I decided to get out and go behind the scenes.

I like curves, the woman said. They make the woman. From what I see, you’re fine.

Penelope looked out the window of the restaurant at a spectacular view of Niagara Falls, her mind racing. She tried to collect her thoughts because the sudden offer sent her reeling.

If you’re interested, come to this address. Bring both portfolios and any more like this one, Sam said, pointing to the construction worker’s picture again. She slid her card across the table, their fingertips touching.

Penelope felt a strange heat course through her. She caught something in Sam’s eyes which puzzled her. What the hell?

I’ll see you tonight at six.

Yes, of course. Thank you.

Don’t be late.

Sam left her, going back to the bar and joining a man—tall, dark and handsome.

Penelope wondered what had just happened. She’d come into the restaurant to choose shots for a layout she’d been working on and wound up having an impromptu job interview. The fact Sam had shown interest in her modeling threw her. She missed modeling—the travel, exotic locations, the clothes and other models. She loved photographers like Nigel Barker who knew a woman’s body and how to show it in the best light possible. Excitement overtook her, Penelope looking forward to getting in front of the camera’s eye again. This has got to be a dream...

One thing played on her mind. When she’d touched Sam’s hand as they both reached for the same photograph, a strange but wonderful sensation went through her. She’d never felt heat like it before with any other person—not even her ex. She couldn’t explain it, but she wanted to feel it again and with Sam—no one else. Hell, no one but Sam would understand. Penelope remembered the look in Sam’s eyes and hoped it hadn’t been her imagination playing tricks on her. She felt it, too.

She finished selecting the shots she wanted, asked for the check and, after paying the bill, she left to go to the office where she’d drop the photos off and take care of some paperwork. Leaving the restaurant, she felt good—somebody wants me for me.

Five years before, Penelope Donatello walked away from modeling. Unable to work like Gisele Bündchen and some of the other curvaceous supermodels, she had been pushed aside and forced out of the industry she loved. Picking up the camera, she made a mark in photography. She took assignments in fashion and sports—even attempting news photography—though her true talent proved to be in what she knew best. Fashion caught her early enough in her career to hold onto her heart, telling her where she really wanted to be—in any way. Staying in the Niagara Falls area, she had her choice of jobs on either side of the international border and lived very comfortably—happy and not intimidated.

After leaving her office, she went home and immediately into her den where she pulled out her modeling portfolio and checked it to make sure nothing had been omitted. Satisfied, she went to the one she kept for her photography work and added several new items to bring it up-to-date. She found some photos she’d taken at some of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators games and slipped them in with her others. Need to show what I can do in all genres... Then, against her better judgment, she found some of her other beefcake photos like the one Sam liked and placed them in a smaller folder. She wanted to make sure she covered all bets.

* * * *

What do you think?

I think she’s perfect and a nice compliment to you.

I like her. I just hope she’s willing to go along with this.

"She will. You know we can be very