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With the ferocity of fire literally exploding from his fingertips, Ignis is an element to be reckoned with. Bursting from Mother Nature's womb near the beginning of time, he has used Earth as his toy. Millennia later, Ignis meets the Flame to his fire. Flame is the only human who has ever seen him in his human form while dancing and rolling within his element. The child he encounters grows into the most fascinating woman of his life—the irony is almost too much; his body burns for her. Flame has always known there was no one else for her but Ignis, her Fire. Fire envelops her being; he sears her essence and makes her body his. Loving an element means being protected by him. Flame is an arson investigator on a mission to find a man who would murder his innocent wife to gain custody of their three children. When Flame's life is in danger, there isn't much time—Fire can't be controlled. When an element claims you, it claims you—body, mind and soul. Flame needs to temper Ignis, an uneasy task, as there is no element more primal than, Fire.
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Fire's Flame - C.L. Scholey

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Chapter 1

Scorching flames leapt through the structure of an old dilapidated warehouse gaining in intensity, mimicking a building orgasm. Red fiery fingers of heat climbed the walls caressing as would a lover’s searing touch; they enveloped the ceiling and burst their way through glass windows as would an eruption of passionate, un-denied sex climaxing. Whirling on the new updrafts that were created with each explosion giving oxygen, Ignis laughed in sheer delight. He was the fire, the lover, he was in his element; he was the dominant Alpha over his dominion.

His body flowed, joined as one with the flames, danced with the heat. It was a symphony inferno and he was not only the conductor, but the orchestra. Fire was a hunter’s stalk, deadly, a silent killer, filled with purpose. It struck before you knew it was upon you. Ignis was a weapon when he chose to be. Almost as old as time, he had perfected his gift throughout the ages. The world wouldn’t exist without him.

First male child born of Mother Nature and Father Universe, Ignis had exploded from his mother’s womb in his intensity for life when time was created. It hadn’t taken him long to master his craft. With Ignis’ mother’s help and the birth of his second brother, Ventus, wind, to fan his flames all had nurtured Earth, Terra, the third brother. Ignis’ family ruled the elements. Mother Nature and Father Universe finally stopped after nine sons in their immediate galaxy. Father went on while Mother remained behind to nurture her children.

With fire came a new beginning. Anything forged in heat Ignis could destroy or create. No matter which, in the end there was always life after his destruction waned. He was the enforcer of existence. Nothing was more precious to him.

With a single breath, a massive wall blistered, bubbled and crumbled in the raw heat of the building. Ignis unleashed his phenomenal power. Explosions from fireballs burst from his palms in seeming haphazardness. Nothing about his fire was uncontrolled. It was he who controlled it. Ignis leapt as would a hungry tiger from the ceiling to prowl into the next room. Stalking the walls, he moved forward conquering, becoming the predator he was. He wished to incinerate this old foul building man had created. Yet another pimple on society he was intent on poking. Mortals, though having a purpose, could be the puss in the boil on his mother’s ass. Ignis chuckled with the thought. Mortals had been so much more entertaining and sweet when they had lived in caves and were grateful for what he could give them.

Faster, he moved on, eating up the spoils of his conquest, devouring materials with an appetite that needed to be satisfied. A thirst that needed to be slaked. With each eager step, each fervent roll amidst the walls, his blazing inferno engulfed every corner, lighting his way through Earth’s dimension while he remained in his element form.

Ignis pulled up short in the next room. The heated victory that rumbled in his chest became somewhat subdued. There stood a small girl-child. Her little mouth was panting in shallow puffs of air. The room sported no other doors, no windows. She must have been playing in the old abandoned building. Sweat beaded her forehead and slid down the side of her face, making wispy tendrils cling to her cheeks. Her tiny chest heaved as the air thickened. The room was hot and growing hotter.

Foolish child.

She was paralyzed with terror. Her eyes were wide when she looked at him. Ignis knew she couldn’t see the mortal image of a man, his form when not in his real element. All she could see were the walls of flames that were about to melt her to ash.

Damn, I hate this part.

The massive condemned building was supposed to be empty; Ignis had checked it himself. Where the hell had she come from? He had only wanted to play. Ignis had set this fire alone. There were times a mortal would set a blaze to cause harm, but Ignis couldn’t be everywhere at once. He loathed the thought of humans using his element for their own personal, disgusting pleasure of destruction with the intent to harm another.

Ignis sent a silent message to his mother. Did she know the child would be here? Was this the child’s time? A planned demise by Mother Nature, Father Universe? His flames could hypnotize, the child would feel nothing if he chose to engulf her. Ignis would make certain there was no pain when he wrapped her tiny body in his arms to deliver her to her destination. Ignis garnered no satisfaction from killing mortals, especially the young. Poor little frightened thing. But he was never to usurp his mother’s authority or Father Universe. He listened for the response. Mother Nature’s words were whispered quietly within his mind. The child was not of Her doing or HisYou have free will over her, my son, do as you see fit. Ignis relaxed, he would simply back away.

Wait. Don’t go, please; I only wanted to see.

He heard the child’s small plea and he was amazed, as their eyes connected. She can see me. It shouldn’t be possible. This was a new dilemma. Ignis came close but controlled his flames’ intensity, deciding her fate. There was nowhere left for the child to flee. She was trapped. By the time he circled her, his blaze was nothing more than a brilliant light show, void of heat. The flames’ heat would have taken the child’s much needed oxygen; he didn’t want to suffocate her.

Round and round he spun; his brilliance of orange, blue and red danced circles while his curiosity grew. She was a pretty little thing, perhaps ten or eleven earth years. Long red hair dropped in ringlets to her waist. A small spatter of freckles dotted across her tiny nose. Her golden eyes were like a sunset. Ignis had a fondness for the sun, though she had spurned him.

Hmm, he pondered aloud. What to do with you, my pretty.

She looked at him filled with awe, not fear, and his curiosity grew. Normally, humans were screaming and clawing at things to get away from him when he unleashed his awesome power. This little bit of fluff looked like she wanted to touch him. In fact, her hand lifted, his breath caught—she wouldn’t, would she? She ventured that one tiny hand through the sizzling mass of fire in front of her and laid her palm against his bare chest. The imp was touching him in his element. Ignis smiled with his bemusement. Brazen child. Many a human’s hand had he burnt with their silly fire infatuations. Mostly as simple lessons to show respect for his gift. This child he kept whole and unharmed while the flames licked up her arm in a tender caress.

You shouldn’t play with fire, my little flame, Ignis scolded, his tone gentle. She saw him; he wondered if she could hear him while he was in his element.

She hesitated, her demeanor shy, then forged ahead with the innocence of the young, answering his unspoken question. You’re so beautiful I just couldn’t help myself. Your short hair is the color of my own. I like how it waves into tiny curls at your ears. Your eyes are like perfect sunsets on water. You smell so wonderful, like heated potpourri my mother puts on our stove.

Her words were barely more than a whisper, but it was enough to twist his lips into a small grin. A romantic—how adorable in one so young. Perhaps not a child of only ten, perhaps a petite pre-adolescent on the verge of puberty. Her gaze was rapt adoration. Around him, the fuel for his fire was slowly dying and only charred remains sizzled. The circle he had made around the girl was untouched while he protected her. He would let her leave when the ashes wouldn’t sear her running shoes. She was delightful, delicate; her little face was animated, without any signs of fear. Ignis dropped his element and stood as a man before her. Her hand remained on his bare chest. A loincloth of cooled fire covered his manhood.

You look like a wrestler my daddy likes, she gushed.

Ignis chuckled. He was six-foot-five in his human form. Very large compared to the small child. His powerful muscles flexed to make her smile. Yes, he was built big, like all of his other brothers. It was their parents’ wish. Ignis saw no harm in offering her a doting smile. Her appreciation of him was earnest. Normally, Ignis watched humans from a distance; oh, some females caught his attention from time to time. Some humans were very cute. Ignis had a soft spot for human children. It saddened him when his flames were the kiss of death. If it wasn’t the end of their time on earth, Ignis found a way to spare lives. Sometimes it proved to be a bit tricky. Miracles, the humans called them. He was happy he could spare this child; she was an enchanting little thing. The way she looked at him, like he was a God.

The girl suddenly coughed and Ignis frowned. Her hand left his skin to fly to her lips when she coughed again and again. Smoke was billowing around them. The child’s face turned left then right. She looked at Ignis with fear—not of him, but with hope he would save her from another presence she was obviously seeing as well. Ignis narrowed his eyes. His brother, Fumus, was here.

I don’t remember inviting you, Ignis roared as the child gasped and collapsed against him, her little red face buried into his side. With fury, Ignis ignited his brutal flames and pushed the smoke back. His broad arm encircled the girl. The damned smoke seeped through his barrier to slip into the child’s nose and mouth.

Where there’s smoke there’s fire, Fumus said and chuckled, behaving like the imp he was.

I have spared her life, Ignis snapped.

Perhaps I won’t.

The words enraged Ignis. How dare he? Mother would be angry if they fought, but his youngest brother needed to be taught a lesson. Ignis snarled and curled a massive fireball before him. The child was still struggling for breath and clinging to him for dear life. Her pitiful whimper sent a surge of seething anger down Ignis’ spine, the likes of which he had never felt before. Fumus would pay for this. Before Ignis could hurl the fireball, a powerful wind blew the atmosphere clear and the girl drew in deep breaths of clean air. Ventus, Ignis’ brother, second born of Mother Nature, now stood beside