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Lisia is chosen for her great beauty to serve in Aphrodite's Temple on Planet Ex. In exchange for her loyalty, she is granted anything her heart desires. What Lisia wants is Dayton. Unobtainable on earth, he is recreated as a droid to service her needs on Planet Ex. Lisia is thrilled with her man-toy and enjoys his full attention and absolute obedience to slaking her uninhibited desires. But alas, he is not real. Dayton, though a well-crafted piece of machinery, is cold comfort to the hot-blooded Lisia. So, what a pleasant surprise she gets when her man-toy suddenly becomes all that she desires...and more.
Published: Torrid Books on
ISBN: 9781611604283
List price: $2.99
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Planet sEX - Juliet Cardin

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Chapter 1

What could be better than having the man of your dreams sprawled out on the floor with his head buried between your thighs?

Not much, I assure you.

As I lay back, caught in the throes of euphoric ecstasy, mindless of anything but the titillating sensations coursing through my loins, I couldn’t help but feel a blissful surge of triumph. At last, at long last, my heart’s desire lay conquered and in servitude to my every want and whim, right where he belonged, at my feet.

Alas, if only this were real.

Certainly, he felt real enough. The dark brown tousled locks upon his head, where my hands were buried, urging him onward, felt real. His lips and tongue laving my pussy with uninhibited abandon sure felt real.

His warm naked body, glistening with scented oil, undeniably moved like a human male. The long index finger he even now inserted inside my moist awaiting center, was strong and determined, as though he made up his own mind. All of this was mine to control.

Yes, Dayton! I hissed at him, lost in the moment. Forgetting the man at my feet would be nothing more than a hard, cold, piece of ingeniously crafted machinery as soon as I was through with him.

He lifted his head to stare at me desperately, the way he’d been designed, as though there were nothing in the world he desired more than to be buried deep within me.

Please, let me fuck you, I beg you! he gasped, slipping a second finger into me.

Yes. Yes, you may fuck me. Hard, Dayton! Hard!

He rose up, leaning over me as I lay further back on the firm lounge chair. He plunged his hard cock deep