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The Big Lie About Tattoos

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When I was younger, I got a tattoo, the first thing that happened to me, was I got approached by a well meaning Christian, whom, in a very dominant way, pointed out to me that by my having a tattoo, it's going to send me to Hell. He said, "God is against His people, getting tattoos," Then he quoted the passage from, Leviticus 19:28. This sent me into a deep depression, feeling I've let God down, and now He was very upset with me. This episode almost cost me my salvation, again, I had just come back to the Lord, Now this? Thank God for His kindness, The Lord had me study the Bible, and read the chapter in Leviticus 19, in context. I've had so many debates through the years, over the issue of Christians getting tattoos. You would be shocked by the things I've heard, born again believers say, and, how heated their emotions got when this issue was brought up. It drove me to start searching the internet for information that will help me answer the question. I hit a dead end, mainly because there are hardly any articles, that I could find, that gave any positive input on the subject. If something is one-sided, how could it be answered? There were a few articles that were for it, very few, I also found one book, it was way out there, and very negative. The Lord proceeded to teach me the truth about born again believers having or getting tattoos. Many years later, he led me to write this book, 'The Big Lie about Tattoos’ I pray you will read this with an open heart, and a meditative mindset.

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