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Healthy eating for weight loss

80+ Veg Recipes <

Does the idea of “eating right” and “losing weight” conjure up images of steamed veggies and roughage? Do you think cooking a healthy meal 3 times a day is tiring and time-consuming ?

Suman Agarwal will change all that. Nutritionist & Founder of Selfcare, Suman is a proponent of good, fresh food that’s simply but deliciously prepared. And she’s not about denial either – no non-fat foods here, because when you take the fat out of natural foods, in go the chemicals.

Unjunked is all you will need to transform the way you eat and feel. The book contains over 80 recipes to take care of every meal of the week and every craving you might have. Each recipe comes with a complete nutritional breakdown, as well as tips and techniques that will keep you eating smart.

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